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School Defends Cat Eating Lesson to Teach Critical Thinking — 17 Comments

  1. Why did he choose cats instead of dogs as the subject matter?

    Stupid classes like this are not educational and will only serve to further devalue cats in the eyes of some.

    Kudos to Bridgit Miezlaiskis for speaking up and taking a stand against this.

  2. I’m not understanding the connection between this classroom “lesson” and the concept of critical thinking when the subject is pretty much considered aberrant in this society. There are many other subjects that could have been introduced, which makes me wonder if the teacher wasn’t skillfully trying to manipulate these 10th graders into thinking of cats as a food source rather than beloved companions.
    I, further, think that critical thinking courses belong more in philosophy classrooms instead of english classrooms.

    • My critical thinking here is to smack some sense into the teacher for even thinking this will help students learn. I wouldn’t go back to this class either.

    • The teacher must hate cats, the principal, too. I doubt they would post photos of little kids strangling or hanging or putting into sandwiches, puppies or babies. You would think if he was reasonably intelligent, he could figure out some other way to teach Critical Thinking, other than depicting pictures torturing cats. There are so many limitations on appropriate subject matter in schools, you would think this would not be allowed. Sick…..

  3. This is not teaching critical thinking to anyone. It`s teaching them to accept any barbarity taught them Disgraceful and stupid.

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