School should not have shown children the Netflix ‘Don’t F** With Cats’ documentary complains parent

A letter of complaint has been sent by a parent to a Surrey school. Surrey is a city in the Vancouver, Canada metropolitan region. The complaint concerned the Netflix documentary film, Don’t F**k With Cats, which about the notorious Luka Magnotta and his killing of kittens on video and then a Chinese international student Lin Jun.

Netflix video about Luka Magnotta

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The complaint was sent to Superintendent Dr Jordan Tinney. It has been reported by CTV News via The complaint stated:

No doubt many adults would be disgusted and horrified if they witnessed something so awful and so violent. But for children, the damage is incalculable.

It also detailed a pupil crying and being hysterical after seeing the film which has been described as disturbing by others as it must be because Magnotta’s crimes are disturbing.

Comment: Elisa, a colleague of mine and an editor on PoC, has seen the film and did not find it that bad.

Note: Surrey is a county in England. The name was borrowed by Canadians.


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