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Scientific signs that dogs really do love their human companion — 7 Comments

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  2. Such a lot of money is wasted by scientists on trying to prove things we don’t really need to know or that we already do know, such as dogs loving their humans.
    Would that they would put that money to better use by putting it towards the care of needy animals instead of always thinking up new ways to experiment on them.

  3. This is amazing..

    It’s obvious to me- and the majority of pet guardians I know – while not “scientific”, know that their cats and dogs love them. It is a no brainer. On the opposite end of the spectrum however, it’s always obvious to me when an animal doesn’t “love” or even “like” someone.

    I truly believe that our pets are totally upfront about their feelings toward us. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to have “scientific ” proof about the capacity that animals have when it comes to love- or- actually any emotion at all.

    Feel better Marc!

  4. Great. I’ve had an MRI – it is cramped and noisy. Hard to picture a dog in one laying still and not moving around so they can scan. If it can be proven scientifically then there’s a legal potential I guess – a good thing for sure/

    • I believe that the motivation for training the dogs to accept an MRI scan was to gain knowledge about the dog and in doing so we gain knowledge about the dog, cat and many other animals. I want animals to have greater rights. If people can see that they are much more than they think they are, it helps in that objective.

      May I ask why you had an MRI scan, Marc?

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