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Scientists criticise cat breed standards which promote flat faced cats leading to breathing problems — 5 Comments

  1. It’s the show judges interpretation of “standards” which has led breeders to strive for prize-winning looks, over health concerns. By favouring ever-flatter faced cats, judges have done a terrible disservice to the animals themselves. Persians and Siamese didn’t evolve naturally to look the way they do now – breeders have deliberately done this to them over the last 50 years or so.

    The public also needs educating that it’s actually cruel to breed cats and dogs which have breathing difficulties, neurological problems and need to undergo c-sections because the heads of their offspring are too wide or large for a natural delivery.

    We’re not the only ones disgusted by the way these poor creatures are suffering. There’s currently an on-line petition by the UK veterinary profession calling for an Urgent Working Party on Brachycephalic Dogs and Cats. They want reforms of breed standards to introduce minimum muzzle lengths, functional tests before brachycephalic animals can be bred, better education of the public.

  2. Interesting that many airlines warn about flying with flat faced pets. These animals are bred for extreme form and shamefully placed by judges that encourage someone to take it to the next level.
    My experience is with the Arabian Show Horse and how they were bred down from hardy , sound even tempered but spirited mounts to un-rideable giraffed necked with such extreme dishing in the nasal area they can’t breath correctly.

  3. Any altering of a cat breed does disservice to the world of cats. We had a purebred Siamese who wasn’t allowed in a show because he was of the original large cats. He was a beautiful redpoint and was the most friendly cat to all he met. Leave the breeds the way they were originally-there were a lot fewer health issues and they were gorgeous.

    • Absolutely Susan. I agree. What shocks me is that for many decades breeders have been creating inherently unhealthy Persian cats because they have breathing problems and the breeders are following the breed standard.

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