Scornful memories- A Warrior cat RP

Scornful memories- A Warrior cat RP

by Hare

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The clans traveled long ago to the plentiful grounds of the lake. They fought and overcame there strife and have survived here for generations.

Years later battles are still being waged, and many of the clans ancient bonds are being broken. In a world built apon scorn, can you survive, or will you be consumed by old memories....

The elements will divide,
Stars will begin to fade
A new light will arrive

Scornful Memories

Scornful Memories is an enjoyable but small Warriors rp site wishing for more members to join and have some fun.

We currently have 35 members and one staff position left open!

We would love it if you would take the time to check us out, maybe even join; we are never to biased to not welcome in rper of all levels and we are never too shy to happily greet you in the chatbox. So whether you go to check us out and talk, or if you go to join, I'm sure you'll find something you like.


Scornful memories - A Warrior cat RP to Warrior Cats

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Scornful memories- A Warrior cat RP

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May 16, 2010
by: Michael

I had a look at your site and liked it. Really nice site. And I liked what you said here so you deserve success. Good luck with Scornful Memories.

Michael Avatar

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