Scottish Fold, Blue British SH, Toy Dog and Chartreux Mixed!

Scottish Fold, Blue British SH, Toy Dog and Chartreux Mixed!

by Michael

This cat has the ears of an imperfect Scottish Fold, the behavior of a dog, the appearance of a blue British Shorthair and the smile of a Chartreux.

That sounds ridiculous but once you see the video you’ll probably see what I mean.

The Chartreux, the last cat breed that I mention is known for its smile.

The blue British Shorthair is often blue (grey) but so is the Chartreux which has to be blue and no other color. However, this cat looks more like a British Shorthair than a Chartreux, I would say.

As for the dog, you’ll understand when you see the video.


See Seeing Without Sight, another nice video.

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