Scottish Fold Breed Standard

This is an illustrated and sharply précised version of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) breed standard of 2009. The cat is “Tipear Canoe”. I just think it makes more sense when you have a photograph to refer to and you can’t do better than one of Helmi Flick’s photographs. She is the best in my opinion.

Scottish Fold Breed Standard

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So what is it that comes through when reading the CFA Scottish Fold breed standard? The world “round” is used a lot, which is not surprising because with folded ears, which ideally lie tight to the head, the head looks very round. That roundness needs to be enhanced throughout the cat. The Scottish Fold has the roundest head of all the cat breeds when combined with the lack of upright ear flaps!

The other significant element of this breed standard is the necessity to address the thorny issue of this breed’s health through the standard. The genetic mutation that causes the cartilage of the ears to fold and lose their rigidity can have an unwanted effect on other parts of the body. This includes an inflexible tail and swollen feet. Also there is the potential for progressive Osteochondrodysplasia, which is a form of arthritis. These effects are detrimental to appearance and more importantly health. This is why an inflexible tail warrants disqualification in the show ring. You can read about this aspect of this cat breed here. Responsible breeding avoids or minimises these problems and the breed standard rightly encourages responsible breeding practices.

I haven’t mentioned colours because the list is too long. There is a wide range of allowable colors and patterns under the standard. You are advised to read the CFA standard direct for the list. See an interesting Scot Fold portrait.

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