Scottish Fold Ears!

by John Warren
(Moscow, Russia)

Hi Everyone!

I was recently given the most adorable lilac scottish fold… and I am totally smitten by her. I have heard, though cannot confirm this anywhere, hence me writing this email, that their ears “unfold” if something is not right with their diet. I am feeding her according to the textbook… chicken, small quantities of fresh meat etc etc. Please could someone either confirm, with an explanation of what I should do to keep her little ears folded, or dispel this, what appears to me, to be rather odd piece of rubbish. Many thanks indeed for any help. Best etc., John Warren, Moscow, Russia

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Scottish fold ears!

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Mar 28, 2011 late response
by: Michael

This is awfully late response! I am sure that you have confirmed by now that a Scottish Fold’s ears do no straighten out with a certain kind of diet. I have never read anything about.

Hope everything is alright.

Michael Avatar

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