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Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten — 11 Comments

  1. Michael i have observed a bizarre deformity in most cats in Jakarta. They have stunted tails or short tails akin to the bob cat.

    I have taken pictures of a few and would post them on arrival in India.

    Also came across one of the most beautiful cats in my hostel, a pure “Bengal cat” or definitely a mix breed. First time I saw such brilliant coloration in a cat and thanks to “P.O.C” suspect it to be a “Bengal mix or even pure”. Most tourists at this hostel are from Europe and won’t be surprised if someone dumped a “Bengal cat” in “Six Degree hostel” in Jakarta. Will post photo’s later.

    • Nice to hear from you, Rudolph. I hope you are having a nice time. Your comment is interesting to me. I look forward to receiving more information and some pictures if possible. The Siamese cat is known to have a kinked tail and sometimes a shortened tail in Thailand. It seems that this mutation which alters the tail seems to be endemic in parts of Asia. The Bengal cat that you refer to sounds very interesting. It would be nice to know that it is a genuine cat native to Jakarta. But as you said maybe a cat that was dumped.

      Take care Rudolph and I hope you continue to have a good time.

  2. Yes, the kitten is a cutie pie. However, the desire for cuteness has overstepped the bounds of ethicalness in this new mixture of two breeds with health issues. What price should a helpless animal pay for cute?

    • What you say what a lot of people would say. You know Dan, sometimes I have to put cute stuff on the site and try and entertain the people who like this sort of thing. It is not really my style.

      • OH, I love cute. The second photo above is especially cute. But breeding for cute is wrong when both breeds have potenial health issues. I love them. They are so dang cute. They are very popular in Japan right now. Suprised a new breed name hasn’t been chosen for them yet. Sorry to be a wet blanket.

        • Not a wet blanket Dan, just realistic like the rest of us who hate it that ‘cute’ kittens are bred and advertised and sold, while ordinary random bred kittens and cats are being killed daily for lack of homes.
          All cats are equally as beautiful and deserving.
          It’s just a shame that small minded people have to be entertained.

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