Highland Fold cat breed

Highland Fold cat breed. Photo: Irina Miros (the breeder).

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Highland Fold Cat Breed aka Longhaired Scottish Fold.


The Highland Fold cat breed is a long-haired Scottish fold. That’s about it!

They apparently achieved championship status with The International Cat Association in 1987. So they are a well established cat breed. This, however, is the second time that I have seen a photograph of one!

This cat comes from Europe I believe and is registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF).

This cat is for sale or was for sale on Facebook. That, I think, by the way, it is contrary to their policies just to be completely clear!

In a previous post about the Scottish Fold cat breed generally I said that breeders have to mate two Scottish Folds in order to improve the prospects of the offspring being long-haired.

This is against the breeding policy of this cat because the mutated gene that causes the folded ears can cause crippling cartilage defects in homozygous kittens. Therefore I don’t know what is behind the cat you see in the picture.

I don’t want to create problems or be overly critical, but I wonder whether this breeder has to euthanise kittens born with crippling defects and simply selects out the kittens that do not suffer from these defects. I don’t know, I’m guessing, but it doesn’t look great to me. Perhaps somebody can comment and explain this to me.

In my previous post I said that the gene that causes the long hair is recessive, which is why you have to breed Scottish Fold to Scottish Fold to bring out this gene. It seems to me that this is an inherently unethical cat breed. But perhaps my words are too strong. I’ll leave it you to decide.