Highland Fold is a longhaired Scottish Fold

Highland Fold is a longhaired Scottish Fold

The Highland Fold is another name for the long-haired Scottish Fold which is normaly a shorthaired cat. Otherwise you will find that the experts describe these cats in identical ways. The only difference is the length of their fur. So everything that I’ve said on the page about Scottish Folds applies to this cat breed.

They are quite rare and the Cat Fanciers’ Association recognised the breed. They are not hypoallergenic. No breed is. The head shape looks even more unusual in my opinion when covered with long hair and as the ears are hardly visible. The long hair hides the fact that the ears are flattened to the skull.

They are described as a sweet and charming breed of cat. I think that description applies to any well bred cat of any breed otherwise there would be no point breeding them! When breeding this cat you have to mate a non-Scottish Fold with a Scottish Fold because if you don’t the offspring are unviable. This is because the gene that creates the ears that fold flat affects the cartilage the point where the offspring are severely damaged.

This form of breeding means that only half the offspring have folded ears which is why you get Scottish Fold cats which are standard looking cats, basically. They are still sold by breeders as I understand it but I can’t see the point because they look just like any other random-bred cat except they are more refined in appearance.

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