Silver classic tabby Scottish Fold kitten with a WOW appearance

Silver classic tabby Scottish Fold kitten with a WOW appearance. Photo and breeder: Oksana Mazai.

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This is an amazing-looking Scottish Fold kitten. The coat is, I believe, a classic silver tabby. The ears are impressively folded to the head and the kitten’s expression is priceless.

Strictly speaking, I am not a fan of cat breeding. And it is difficult for me to be a fan of this cat breed because of the associated health problems or potential health problems caused by the mutated gene which affects the cartilage of the cat which is exactly why the ears are folded flat to the head. The flaps are made of cartilage.

The more you research this breed the more you have doubts about its existence. Some people would say that the breed should not have been created. If the mutation was discovered today in 2021 I am not sure that the breed would have been created because there is a different attitude towards animal welfare nowadays.

That said, I have to praise this Russian breeder who has done and amazing job in creating this cat. I don’t think you will see a more impressive example of the Scottish Fold.

If you click on the link above the picture can read about the pros and cons of this popular cat breed nowadays because Taylor Swift adopted one and in that single act she single-handedly made his plea more popular universally.