Scottish Wildcat in Worcestershire

by Martin Floyd
(Bromsgrove, Worcestershire)

Scottish wild cat spotted early one morning crossing the A38 at Upton Warren, Worcestershire, heading off towards the sailing centre.

Definitely a Scottish wildcat, thought it was a fox at first but then the headlights lit it up and he stood and stared right back.

It was a bit thin, but would find plenty to eat here as its all fields, woodland and moorland.


Hi Martin… thanks for taking the time to post this.

Of course the big question is, is it a Scottish wildcat particularly as you have said it was thin?

Domestic or feral grey tabby cats with good markings will look like a small, thin genuine Scottish wildcat.

I am not saying that you are wrong. But this wildcat does look like a tabby cat and at a distance and on the move, it is likely that you are mistaken as you were hundreds of miles south of where the range of this species stops.


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Scottish Wildcat in Worcestershire

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Feb 22, 2012
I saw this yesterday NEW
by: Veracocha

Having googled wildcats in worcestershire I happened upon this post. I saw it yesterday on the reserve hunting mallard. This was a most unusual cat which had markings I have never seen on a domestic cat. It was a very long & thin cat with awesome stalking skills. I got to within 15 yards of it and had a good look at it which is why I had to see if anyone else had reported it.

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