Scrappy the Famous Cat with Vitiligo Has Died

Scrappy died at 3:45pm (UK time) on 3rd April 2017. I believe he was around 19 years old when he died. A very good age. I was so taken by his amazing coat that I failed to spot that he did look like an elderly cat. You can see it in the facial expression.

This is a video on Facebook in memory of his life:

Scrappy was a very well-known cat celebrity because he had an extremely rare coat caused by vitiligo. This condition causes patches of skin to loose pigmentation (melanin) and this is reflected in the coat. Scrappy was a black cat and ended up a fascinating mottled black and white – quite unique looking and a puzzle to cat lovers who tried to pigeon hole him into one of the normal cat coat types which is impossible.

This video on his Facebook page was published about a month ago and the note that accompanies it says:

“Scrappy has been ill at the beginning of the week.”

Frances Danna (a regular at PoC) said that he died after being at home for four days after a two day stay at the veterinarian.

There are 3,832 comments below his video on FB: a testament to his popularity and celebrity status. Here is one by P.E. Chamberlain which sums up the feelings of others:

“I followed Scrappy like many others. I’m heartbroken with the loss of your sweet baby. He is and will always be in your heart, and now awaits your arrival at the rainbow bridge to guide you so “you” won’t get lost. Again, I am so sorry. Love to you all and prayers for healing.”

RIP Scrappy.

Note: I was informed Frances A Danna. Thanks Frances.

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4 thoughts on “Scrappy the Famous Cat with Vitiligo Has Died”

  1. Scrappy lived a long life and, I’m sure he was loved.
    What make me happy, under the circumstances, is that sweet Scrappy died at home and not in some vet clinic filled with cold metal objects and no one around.

  2. Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    Michael, so very sorry to read this. I left condolences on Scrappy’s page (he was one of my FB *likes*). . . ♥

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