Scuba Cat Bird Bath

The scuba cat bird bath is an interesting product but for the life of me I can’t find one for sale on the internet. I’ve made a quite thorough check. There are cat bird baths on sites such as eBay and Amazon but the elusive scuba cat bird bath is not to be found. The name of this product is somewhat contradictory and mysterious. You can’t immediately imagine what it is.

There are several different types of this bird bath. The best designed variant, in my opinion, is the one shown below:

Scuba Cat Bird Bath
Photo in public domain
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The person who designed it has a nice imagination. A cat wearing a scuba diving mask emerges from the bird bath. There is a faintly evil aspect to it. Perhaps the better description is black humour.

People are interested in this product and want to acquire one but…all I see is pictures of it and variants but the pictures are not taken in shops where it is for sale.

Also I have never seen a picture of a scuba cat bird bath with a bird in it. Is that significant? Probably not. If you have one in your garden, please comment.

If you can upload a picture of one with a bird in it, I’ll donate $30 to the animal charity of your choice πŸ™‚ I feel quite sure that this won’t happen in this instance. Alternatively please tell me where you can buy one.

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5 thoughts on “Scuba Cat Bird Bath”

  1. 1/19/2019 An eBay seller makes these in Florida, but not the one shown. It is the more cartoon-ish or whimsical one. Shipping to the Midwest well exceeds the price of the item. Sigh! I have never seen the other version without the round base. I am searching for a mold of either…

    If you pay the shipping, I’ll buy the cement “bird bath” AND get you a photo of a bird in it…somehow… Ha, ha!

    In it? That is going to be a very rare occurrence. I don’t think there is enough space in the water area for even a finch to bathe.


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