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SeaCure protein for digestive issues in cats and bone broth — 1 Comment

  1. I appreciate this information on both topics. It’s great to know of an alternative treatment for IBD for humans and pets.

    As for the bone broth, I’ve been reading recently that this is one of those home remedies that have been around a long time. A friend of mine makes bone broth for herself and her cat, in addition to making cat food. I’ve never gotten the exact recipe from her, but she’s mentioned cooked chicken and salmon, maybe mixed with bone broth. She also feeds some canned food.

    I want to make some bone broth soon, and I believe in the benefits it offers, without a doubt. I’d make sure to use bones from organic meat, otherwise we’d be ingesting undesirable toxins which might defeat the purpose.

    I remember as a child, my father used to have me eat the bone marrow. Now I know why. We were very poor, but I was very healthy, and still am, at 72. I wonder if eating bone marrow, and getting cod liver oil in my orange juice may have helped.

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