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Seagulls circle above cat swimming in sea half mile off Turkish coast — 4 Comments

  1. Aww, it’s as if the scooper was designed to save cats gone overboard, I have to think. Love rescues, but nothing was said or shown as to what happened next; if the cat found a home or was reunited with it’s owner who may have lost it. I’m still in the middle of a nightmarish saga having rescued a cat off the street, did my best to save her and find her owner, but had to put her to sleep this morning. It’s an awful tale of incompetence and callous indifference on everyone’s part. Heart-wrenching story I’ll submit later.

    • Oh dear Albert, your story sounds really tough emotionally. If you want to share it in an article please do so by writing further on it in a comment.

      You are right about this Turkish cat. What happens next would be interesting. I would hope that was simply taken to the shore and released. Better would be if the cat was placed in a shelter and them rehomed.

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