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Sealy’s Treatment Using Silver Biotics And Raw Honey — 4 Comments

  1. The vets I worked for would never attempt to stitch an infected open wound, they would paint it with gentian violet which stopped the cat licking at it and the wound eventually healed up too as it is antibacterial and antifungal.
    In fact those days we painted all operation wounds too with it, instead of inflicting those awful elizabethan collars on animals and as far as I know it had no ill effects,
    Sometimes old fashioned remedies are by far the best!

  2. Its at the size now we plan to test letting the scab form. If it gets infection underneath the vet can treat it with something stronger or clean it up. It was really to big before now to allow it to heal on its own.

  3. Hi Elisa. Not sure the site is that much of a mess. Actually some parts are a lot better. For example the picture gallery of your photos which can be clicked to see the originals.

    And by the way, I love your photos, particularly the one of Sealy peering through the bottles of Silver Biotics. Great pic.

    You have your own category (nav bar on the right “categories” so people can find your stuff – give me time to put the pages under that category though!).

    Love what you are doing for Sealy. I think his playful nature now is because he feels better being off the drugs. Just a guess.

    My personal opinion is that the scab should be allowed to form. This is nature’s way of protecting the wound and allowing it to heal. Will you let the scab form? I know that at one time you were peeling it off and I didn’t like that 🙂 despite being the advice given by your vet.

    Well done Elisa. Please keep at it! As to Facebook, in due course all posts will automatically feed to Facebook. I am setting that up – when I get some time.

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