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Comments posted under articles take between 30 mins and 12 hours to show. The longer time is due to the fact that I moderate some comments and I have to sleep.

Articles Submitted:

These are very important to PoC. However, I cannnot publish an article if it is 5 lines long as the page does not format. Please write at least 15 lines. Please also allow up to 12 hours for submissions to be published. Ideally please leave your email when submitting as I can then answer questions that might be raised in the submission, by email.

Search tips using the search box:

  • The major pages that lead to many other pages are on the home page and in the navigation bar.
  • The search box at the top of the home page & on other pages is very useful. Try searching using different search words using the search box above the search results.
  • The first page of search results are the most accurate.
  • Use the word “cat” in searches if appropriate.
  • Use search words that are simple and in common usage even if they are specialist. For example, “cat food” “cat health” “cat breeds” “feline peritonitis”, “wildcat conservation”.
  • Two or three search words can be used simultaneously. If so don’t bother using connecting words such as “and” “or” “with or “the” etc.
  • The word, “feline” can be used sometimes, usefully.
  • When you have found the page, you might bookmark it using your browser software.
Search tips using Ctrl + F:

  • When on a page with lots of links or if the page is long, you can search for keywords using the keys on your keyboard: Ctrl + F.
  • Go to the page and when it has loaded depress the Ctrl key and the F key at the same time.
  • A box will appear bottom left of the page when using Firefox and top left in Windows I.E. or top right in Google Chrome. Type your search word into this box.
  • The first occurrence on the page of that word will show up on the page itself highlighted in green.
  • If the selected word is not found on the page, the word in the box will be highlighted in red and a bell will sound.
  • If the first instance of a successful search is not one that pleases or helps you, click “next” to the right of the search box and a further search will take place down the page, and so on.

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