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  1. Thanks Leah, I’m happy my posters are helping in a small way, but it’s the Paw Project vets who will ultimately get declawing stopped, the posters just help educate meanwhile.
    The AVMA and declawing vets are going to show themselves up as the cruel money grabbers they are if they continue declawing for all the scientific evidence coming out about declawed cats suffering.
    The AVMA just chuck anything from me in the trash now. They hate me lol
    Guilty consciences maybe?
    Anyway the feeling is mutual;)

  2. Ruth beautiful work and lovely poster I want to send it to the AVMA but there again they may not get it because its in plain English unlike their policies.

    I don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before about de-clawing- you know how I feel. In terms of The Paw Project I think there’s significant progress afoot because they are growing and the video is out there. They have made awesome head way and Vets are joining the movement as as well!

    Its wonderful news for cats that they will have their painful paws finally checked – no one can give them their toes and claws back but at least some of the pain may go away.

    Paw Project Kudos to you! 🙂 And Ruth for constantly fighting and doing the best posters in the North East!

  3. You’re right, Ruthie – the sight you describe would finish me off. You say they are laughing? Then again, there are cretins who find it hilarious to watch a rodent spinning around in helpless circles, slowly drowning in blood that seeps into its lungs from that diabolical poison ‘Decon,’ which sells like hotcakes over here. The Coumadin in it kills off secondary & tertiary scavengers: raptors, owls, crows, coyotes, raccoons, cougars (the cougars down here hunt mice by the droves), ‘possums, et al. who eat the remains. Anyone with a grain of feeling for animals please call, write, e-mail or fax Senestech in Flagstaff, AZ and ask them when they’re going to get EPA approval on their product. It was supposed to be around September of this year.

    And yes, Ruth – your writings and posters should be published in book form or displayed in every public forum: schools, libraries, supermarket bulletin boards, animal sanctuaries, non-declawing vet clinics, etc.
    Kylie – your photo montage was fabulous. You have an impressive instinct for color and composition. Some of your scenes look like Victorian greeting cards: lush & evocative, rich, somber tints with intricate detail. Really extraordinary.
    Dee – you’re a kind soul. Thanks so much, but I’ll probably get the guy to come out here still one more time, if he doesn’t clout me over the head. He CAN get into my Yahoo e-mail, but only after surfing a bunch of completely alarming binomial screens and rapping out hundreds of keystrokes. I should have written them down last time he was here, but he was droning on about his fishing expeditions to Alaska and I was trying to make polite eye contact all the while, whilst he sat here pecking away at the keyboard like a madman. Can’t imagine why anyone should have to suffer this Rube Goldberg nightmare to get into an e-mail screen, but the minute he walks out the door, the whole thing collapses back to Square One — i.e., after I’ve logged out and unplugged, then logged back in. And this is the ‘upgrade’ that set me back $640.00? In a nutshell, when I try to log into the e-mail, two things pop up: CANNOT DISPLAY THIS SCREEN, and this tab that says ‘SERVER NOT FOUND.’ Lovely. — Anyhow, might ask him to return once more, but have no time for e-mails right now anyway. Am out in the veggie patch every hour it’s not pouring rain, digging and hoeing.

    ps. The cougar dragging himself on his elbows? Not sure, but think it’s on this website: ‘The Paw Project Scratches Out a Way to Educate About Declawing.’
    The islander cats look fairly well fed, but what must it cost to feed them? My own used to cost about $70.00 a month per cat, and that photo showed a passel of cats.

    As to their sensitivity to earthquakes, McWee, before our temblor hit some ten years ago, looked spooked the day before, and suddenly disappeared. He was gone for four days.Drove home one night, pulled into the driveway when all at once, out of the darkness, THERE was my boy! He leaped up on the hood (or ‘bonnet,’ whatever the English call it), beside himself, threw himself down on top of the hood and rolled around, rubbing his cheek on the windshield wipers, then flew into my arms the instant I got out of the car. I whooped with joy to see him again — and he was thrilled to be home. God have mercy – I need my own wipers just thinking about him.

    • aww thank you sylvia some of the kits have a vintage feel I like to make them look as real as possible. Im learning too to make sure they look more lighting etc. Its a pleasure to make photos of the cats. They are all so special and have unique ways of expressing their loves. Just like everyones elses cats have individual personalities. I can usually tell with a picture just how their personality may be. THanks for such lovely words.

  4. I would love to see Sebastian in a book, all his diaries with this little ray of hope for him and Muriel at the end, will they get their xrays and then their paws repaired, God I hope so. I know Ruth’s posters have been used widely on the Internet even by the Paw Project to get the info out, I think being so colourful they draw the reader in and then BANG the information is all there right in front of the eyes. I think a booklet would be great for people who don’t find the info via the Net or prefer to read something they can hold in their hands. But so far away I don’t see it happening.
    It’s horrible to think of cats large or small having to drag themselves by their elbows because of injuries deliberately inflicted by people, how can anyone be so bloody cruel as to choose to do that. I saw the video Ruth mentioned of the newly declawed cat in obvious pain and shock and his jailers laughing at him, it was horrendous and it made me feel violent!!

    I’m excited that things are hotting up and more and more people getting on-board the campaign to end declawing, I always thought it would never happen in my lifetime but now I’m feeling a bit more optimistic. I hope Sebastian and Muriel get some relief, as I hope many, many real live cats get some relief through this campaign by the paw project.

    • Thanks Babz, yes I began to wonder too if we’d see an end to declawing, in our lifetime.
      I think it’s quite possible now with the Paw Project vets gathering proof that cats are suffering. I don’t see how any vet at all can go on denying it any more.

  5. Another great article from sebastian love it. 🙂 Always have a way with words. its great encourgement for me its so sad that cats get declawed dont really understand it myself. i hope it gets outlawed everywhere on this earth one day.

    • Thanks Kylee, I think the secret is to write from the heart but I had to imagine I was writing as a cat for this and we can only really guess how a cat really feels, can’t we. But I’m sure a cat feels very shocked and bewildered as well as suffering pain, after being declawed.

    • Thank you Rudolph, I’m hoping people with declawed cats will see the message just like you did xx

  6. Tried this once, Ruthie, & it didn’t transmit, so will try it again. Crikey..that photo on the PAWS Project website was too much: the cougar dragging himself around on his elbows. Have said it before and will again — unless cats are ‘chattel’ in the U.S., why don’t the lawyers commence class action suits against declawing vets? It should certainly throw cold water on their cash cow. Couldn’t they net a couple of thou. for a mutilated cat? Too bad there aren’t enough vets around to offer low-cost (preferably pro bono) x-rays to parents of cats.

    Am headed out door to retrieve ten-twelve days of e-mail. xxx

    • Someone should commence a test case in the courts and sue a vet for breach of contract and/or misrepresentation – if he misrepresented the declawing process (a lot do) and if he left shards of bone in the paw.

    • Oh Sylvia.
      I didn’t see that cougar picture of him dragging himself on his elbows.
      It would have dropped me to my knees.
      I agree that a class action should happen, and the compensation could be pro bono treatment for the mutilated.
      What’s up with your computer that you have to visit the library?
      Please explain, because someone may be able to help.
      If you can’t get it running properly, I may have a solution.

      • It’s heart breaking to see cats deliberately crippled, I don’t see how declawing vets can go on much longer, they are proving themselves to be animal abusers now that they can’t pretend they don’t know what they do is causing suffering.
        Sylvia’s computer problem is strange she can get to PoC but not to her emails, it would be good if you could help her Dee xx

        • Need more info, R. for Sylvia.
          Sounds like she may be using yahoo for email.
          If so, I know a backdoor fix.

    • Yes if only some brave person would sue their vet! Surely after one victory others would follow. Those vets deserve to be fined huge amounts of money for crippling cats, they have plenty in their bank accounts full of blood money to pay it, I’m sure.
      No cat should be dragging himself around like that cougar, but there must be thousands like him.
      If you saw some of the pictures and videos on facebook you’d be no more good Sylvia.
      One that sticks in my mind is a newly declawed cat with his paws bandaged, limping around holding first one paw up then the other, in obvious pain and shock. What are his ‘owners’ doing? Standing there videoing him and LAUGHING!
      I will never give up helping to try to get this legalised abuse banned.
      Emails from me in your ten/twelve days x

    • I detest, more than I can say, seeing a cougar, one of the world’s greatest jumpers and a most athletic cat, crippled by complete idiots. It is not just the declawing it is the whole bloody stupidity of keeping a cougar as a pet and then declawing him/her. It is monstrous and the worst kind of base human behavior.

  7. -Dear Ruth,
    THANK YOU FOR WRITING @ Sabastian’s Story__
    __ I Have an unending supply of Alligator Tears__
    ___As any decent Human Being should__
    ___ God Bless You for creating his Journal & for the Deeply profound Honesty-from a Cat’s Point Of View. If you can find a reputable Agent then Publish or better yet self-publish-which means have a paperback made & self-sell-{ use it as a Testament story to protect cats from declawing & other abuses* Your small book might really make a big profit right now__as this is the TIME when some Groups in Our Country are trying to “OUTLAW DECLAWING”._____________
    Eva D.R.Force

    • Thank you Eva, I think it would be very difficult to make and sell the book ‘Sebastian’s Diary’ from here in England, when I first wrote the series someone commented that it was ‘too English’
      I admit I’ve never seen a cat declawed or the consequences of that surgery in real life, but I’ve researched it deeply and having been a vet nurse know of the agony caused to those cats.
      I long for the day when declawing is banned worldwide and wish my story could help bring that about.

      • I like that Michael, especially the innocent bit, as cats ARE innocent, they don’t know the person they love and trust paid someone to ruin their lives and that makes me very sad.

  8. Sweet, sweet post, Ruth!

    This just tells it like it is- and if we keep talking about x-rays and asking folks who care enough to do it- this will be HUGE for the Paw Project to prove how disabled these kitties truly are. And if they happen not to be physically disabled from the x-rays how about the almost certain arthritis that will develop OR the emotional harm that has been done (which cannot be x-rayed of course)then the proof that the Paw Project has gathered is sure to make an impact for future kitties.

    • Thanks Jo, I hope by bringing Sebastian back it will encourage everyone with a declawed cat to have his/her paws x-rayed.
      Sebastian’s folk are very poor but they are going to do that anyway.
      I can’t bear to think of all the cats living with extreme pain from bone fragments, they may be able to be helped by the Paw Project vets.
      I hope when their work in repairing paws gets widely known that those cats get the treatment they deserve, to ease their suffering.

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