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Hello everyone at PoC. Sorry I haven’t written my diary for so many years, the time has flown by since I came to live with my new mom and dad.

For anyone who hasn’t read about me before, click here for the start of my diary. It has seven parts because I wrote it as things happened. Or you can see the whole diary here.

Then Muriel came along too. Like me, she is declawed and her paws are painful and we thought we would have to put up with it for the rest of our lives because we can never have our claws back.

Sebastian's diary
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

We have a very kind vet who gives us medicine to help us but sometimes I feel like I am walking on broken glass. I asked Muriel if she did too and she said yes, her paws sometimes hurt so much she doesn’t like to walk about. We both try to shake the pain away but it doesn’t work.

But now we have exciting news which I want to share! Mom heard it through the shelter where she still takes food for the cats but she is too old to work there now ande said she can’t take any more heartbreak.

Some vets who are called The Paw Project are taking x-rays of as many declawed cats paws as they can and the results are very shocking! A lot of us have bits of sharp bone the vets left when they took our toe ends and claws away and as the years go by those bits of bone move about and hurt us. No wonder our Muriel and me are suffering!

Well our mom and dad say they are going to get our vet to x-ray our paws and see if we have bits of bone and then we might have to have an operation each. They haven’t got much money but they say they will even sell things to pay for us to have this done, they are very happy that all declawed cats are going to have the chance to have a better life.

Dad says he hopes the people who had their cats declawed think it will be money well spent but mom said ‘Honey a lot of declawed cats aren’t with their original family’. Just like Muriel and me who got put in the shelter when our families didn’t want us any more!

Muriel said ‘What shall we do Sebastian, I don’t want people to touch my paws, shall we run away?’ I think she is still traumatised from when she had to stay at a place like that and she got a needle and woke up with her claws gone, just like happened to me. I must say I’m not very much looking forward to it either but mom said if it will stop us being so much in pain it will be worth it.

We are happy here with mom and dad but it would be great to be able to walk about without our feet hurting.

Cheerio for now, I will let you know what happens if you like.


(With the help of Ruth aka Kattaddorra)

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  1. Thanks Leah, I’m happy my posters are helping in a small way, but it’s the Paw Project vets who will ultimately get declawing stopped, the posters just help educate meanwhile.
    The AVMA and declawing vets are going to show themselves up as the cruel money grabbers they are if they continue declawing for all the scientific evidence coming out about declawed cats suffering.
    The AVMA just chuck anything from me in the trash now. They hate me lol
    Guilty consciences maybe?
    Anyway the feeling is mutual;)

  2. Ruth beautiful work and lovely poster I want to send it to the AVMA but there again they may not get it because its in plain English unlike their policies.

    I don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before about de-clawing- you know how I feel. In terms of The Paw Project I think there’s significant progress afoot because they are growing and the video is out there. They have made awesome head way and Vets are joining the movement as as well!

    Its wonderful news for cats that they will have their painful paws finally checked – no one can give them their toes and claws back but at least some of the pain may go away.

    Paw Project Kudos to you! 🙂 And Ruth for constantly fighting and doing the best posters in the North East!

  3. You’re right, Ruthie – the sight you describe would finish me off. You say they are laughing? Then again, there are cretins who find it hilarious to watch a rodent spinning around in helpless circles, slowly drowning in blood that seeps into its lungs from that diabolical poison ‘Decon,’ which sells like hotcakes over here. The Coumadin in it kills off secondary & tertiary scavengers: raptors, owls, crows, coyotes, raccoons, cougars (the cougars down here hunt mice by the droves), ‘possums, et al. who eat the remains. Anyone with a grain of feeling for animals please call, write, e-mail or fax Senestech in Flagstaff, AZ and ask them when they’re going to get EPA approval on their product. It was supposed to be around September of this year.

    And yes, Ruth – your writings and posters should be published in book form or displayed in every public forum: schools, libraries, supermarket bulletin boards, animal sanctuaries, non-declawing vet clinics, etc.
    Kylie – your photo montage was fabulous. You have an impressive instinct for color and composition. Some of your scenes look like Victorian greeting cards: lush & evocative, rich, somber tints with intricate detail. Really extraordinary.
    Dee – you’re a kind soul. Thanks so much, but I’ll probably get the guy to come out here still one more time, if he doesn’t clout me over the head. He CAN get into my Yahoo e-mail, but only after surfing a bunch of completely alarming binomial screens and rapping out hundreds of keystrokes. I should have written them down last time he was here, but he was droning on about his fishing expeditions to Alaska and I was trying to make polite eye contact all the while, whilst he sat here pecking away at the keyboard like a madman. Can’t imagine why anyone should have to suffer this Rube Goldberg nightmare to get into an e-mail screen, but the minute he walks out the door, the whole thing collapses back to Square One — i.e., after I’ve logged out and unplugged, then logged back in. And this is the ‘upgrade’ that set me back $640.00? In a nutshell, when I try to log into the e-mail, two things pop up: CANNOT DISPLAY THIS SCREEN, and this tab that says ‘SERVER NOT FOUND.’ Lovely. — Anyhow, might ask him to return once more, but have no time for e-mails right now anyway. Am out in the veggie patch every hour it’s not pouring rain, digging and hoeing.

    ps. The cougar dragging himself on his elbows? Not sure, but think it’s on this website: ‘The Paw Project Scratches Out a Way to Educate About Declawing.’
    The islander cats look fairly well fed, but what must it cost to feed them? My own used to cost about $70.00 a month per cat, and that photo showed a passel of cats.

    As to their sensitivity to earthquakes, McWee, before our temblor hit some ten years ago, looked spooked the day before, and suddenly disappeared. He was gone for four days.Drove home one night, pulled into the driveway when all at once, out of the darkness, THERE was my boy! He leaped up on the hood (or ‘bonnet,’ whatever the English call it), beside himself, threw himself down on top of the hood and rolled around, rubbing his cheek on the windshield wipers, then flew into my arms the instant I got out of the car. I whooped with joy to see him again — and he was thrilled to be home. God have mercy – I need my own wipers just thinking about him.

    • aww thank you sylvia some of the kits have a vintage feel I like to make them look as real as possible. Im learning too to make sure they look more lighting etc. Its a pleasure to make photos of the cats. They are all so special and have unique ways of expressing their loves. Just like everyones elses cats have individual personalities. I can usually tell with a picture just how their personality may be. THanks for such lovely words.


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