by Ruth

SUNDAY EVENING…My tummy is rumbling and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I think mom must have forgotten all about my supper.

I smelled chicken roasting earlier, we usually have chicken on Sundays and my mouth was watering at the thought of the bowl full I am always given.

But the family sat down to eat and I had nothing. I asked nicely for a share but they just chased me away from the table. I was disappointed not to have the chicken as it’s my most favourite taste. I looked for the bowl of kibble always left down for me to nibble on but there was none of that either. I had a drink of water but it made me feel even hungrier.

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By Ruth

I have the feeling I’ve done something to annoy mom, I don’t know what it is but ever since Friday when the new couch arrived and I jumped on to have a look at it she’s not been nice to me at all. It looks very inviting for doing my exercises on, I stood up at one corner and tried it but mom yelled at me.

At my old house where I lived I had my own furniture, it was wonderful to stretch up and dig in my claws. That mom and I lived together and indoors I had a really big post to do my exercises on and a flat pad too and we also had a garden with trees and a nice rough fence.I kept my claws in beautiful condition on all of those things.
That mom used to watch me doing my scratching and tell me what a good boy I was.

But one day she wouldn’t wake up even though I tapped her face like I always did to say I wanted my breakfast.The nice lady who lived next door and came to see mom every morning gave me my breakfast as mom still didn’t wake up. Then she made some phone calls and a strange man came. The nice lady told the man I had been neutered and had all my shots up to date and that I was very clean and he put me in my carrier and took me to a place with a lot more cats in cages.

I lived there for a while and I was sad and missing my mom and my home comforts. Until one day the family I live with now came along. As well as the mom there was Julie and Jake who were almost as big as the mom but much younger and Julie liked me and brought me home. She said she wanted a cat as Jake had his very own dog.

Julie is always very nice and kind, Jake doesn’t bother with me but his stupid dog Rusty had to be taught a lesson. He barked at me and chased me when I first came so I hissed and gave him a swipe on the nose with my claws. Now he knows to leave me alone or else…

My new mom seemed nice until that dratted new couch came. She used to let me do my exercises and de-stressing on the old one, saying it can’t hurt it now. I get very tense if I can’t do my scratching and I was upset my new mom hadn’t got me a nice post or pad to use like the ones my old mom bought me. I could have a real good work out on them both. I wish I could have brought my own furniture with me.

What am I to do I wonder? Mom won’t let me go outside to find a nice rough tree,she says I am now a house cat.


I’ve had a sleepless night as I was so hungry and although I had another look for some food just after midnight, there was nothing and even my water bowl had gone too.

Today I’ve had no breakfast and worse still, mom has now got the dreaded carrier I came in, down from the top of the wardrobe and is putting on her coat and looking at me.

What is going on? Where is she taking me? I hope it is not to the funny smelling place where people stick needles in cats. I hate going there.

My other mom sometimes took me there but she said it was for my own good.

I hope this mom isn’t taking me back to live in a cage again either.

I feel very frightened………

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

CREDIT to Maggie as this diary series was her idea in the first place. Unfortunately due to pressure of work she hasn’t the time to write it and we agreed I would take it on.

CREDIT also to Susan for her input and for looking it over and turning my English words into American.

Part 2 to follow soon ….

Update 26th July 2010.. the complete story is here:

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7

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Aug 10, 2010 Only just found this
by: Anonymous

And I’ve read the entire parts in one sitting with tears pouring down my face.
How can anyone be so cruel.

Jul 09, 2010 To Furby
by: Walter and Jozef

We don’t have any fun at our mammies meal times either as they are vegetarians and their meals look horrible to us,not at all worth stealing.
But we boyz do have meaty cat food and chicken or turkey as a treat as the mammies know we need it to keep well and sometimes when our auntie next door cooks beef for her cats even though she is vegetarian too,she gives us some.
Cats can’t be vegetarian we are purr-leased to say.

Jul 09, 2010 Super
by: Colin

Super idea Maggie and well written Ruth.
I’m passing it on to all my contacts in the hopes it eventually gets to the idiots who need to read stuff like this and realise that cats feel pain and suffer emotionally the same as we do.

Jul 09, 2010 good one man
by: Edward

Man thats so good and as usual youve got me crying.A grown man what am I like?
Im glad Ill still be home on Sunday,cant wait to read the next bit although Id better stock up on paper hankies.

Jul 09, 2010 Mama read this to me
by: Furby

I feel so bad for Sebastian. It was bad enough when mama took my food and water away when I was neutered. I can’t imagine life without claws. They trimmed mine when I was neutered and sissy Laura uses a pedipaw thingy on them. I don’t like it one bit but that’s OK.

It’s OK to cry when you write. Mama does it all the time.

Ruth, mama was mean to me tonight. She put me in my carrier while she ate chicken wings. I got some chicken meat later but I like to steal it off her plate and she took all my fun away.

I’ll make mama read part 2 to me.

Jul 09, 2010 well done Ruth
by: Rachel

Amazing story and all cat need there claws and should be able to use there claws cant wait for part 2

Jul 09, 2010 Thanks again
by: Ruth

Part 2 will be posted on Sunday Kath if that’s OK with Michael.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 09, 2010 good work
by: Kathryn

I hope you’ve made the next part as good and emotional as this first part Ruth.
Yes it upsets those of us who really do love cats but the truth has to be told.
I hope it reaches those who are for declawing.
I’d love to see how they wriggle out of the truth in black and white.
I notice no comments from them so far?
No pun intended Sebastian being black and white lol
When will part 2 be on?

Jul 09, 2010 Thanks everyone
by: Ruth

If it touches at least one cold stone of a heart it will be worth the hours of sadness writing it.
Just maybe someone will read this diary who has no idea what cats go through.They drop a cat off at the vets and pick him up next day with no idea of what happens to him in between or how he must feel.
But very important too are all your comments which show how many people feel for cats.
Without any comments an article isn’t worth very much at all.
I hope you will all read the whole diary if you feel you can and keep on commenting.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 08, 2010 Poor Sebastian
by: Michele S.

That was very moving. As soon as I got to the part where Sebastian’s original mom died, I could feel the tears welling up.

What I really like about this diary is that the reader can really empathise with the cat. You’ve done a wonderful job of conveying the fact that cats are sentient creatures capable of feeling emotionally as well as physically.

Keep up the good work.

Jul 08, 2010 On no!
by: Tracey (England)

Oh Ruth I know this has to be done but I just feel so sad; poor Sebastian.

Problem is we’re hoping that this will reach out and touch peoples hearts. The ones that de-claw have no heart; they just have a cold brick dangling on a string.

Even so brilliant idea!

Jul 08, 2010 Great !
by: Rose

OMG I know where this is going and I’ll have to force myself to read it.
Great idea Maggie!You chose a very creative and committed person to do it for you.
No disrespect to Michael or Babz of course who are equally as good as Ruth.
Dorothy I have every sympathy,I’m sure many people will be unable to read the next part.
But everyone if you know anyone at all who doesn’t think declawing is cruel PLEASE PLEASE send them the link to every installment.

Jul 08, 2010 Poor, poor Sebastian
by: Babz

Absolutely brilliant and shaping up to be heartbreaking,the tragedy is of course that though Sebastian is only a story cat his experiences are based on cold hard facts. I am so proud that my big sister is doing all this to help in the fight to ban the declawing of cats, it must surely touch even the coldest and most calculating of hearts. Although I await the next instalment with trepidation I believe that I have a duty to read it, it’s the least I can do compared to the horror that cats actually living through this have to endure!
Kudos also to Maggie and Susan, two more intrepid warriors and to Micheal for getting this out there on his wonderful site!

Barbara avatar

Jul 08, 2010 Too sad
by: Sylvia

Knowing Ruth I know where this story is going.
Having recently lost one of my own much loved cats I can’t stand the thought that anyone could pay someone to deliberately harm their pet.
My Kizzy was 16 years old and although I have 14 more cats, my house is empty without him.
People should treasure every moment of their cats short lives because like us they only have the one.

Jul 08, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thanks Maggie and Pammy.
Thanks Dorothy too,I’m so sorry,you might feel better knowing I’m crying buckets myself while writing this diary series. I keep telling myself Sebastian isn’t a real cat. BUT there ARE thousands of real cats living through what he is.
I’ll walk over hot coals in my bare feet if that’s what it takes to reach the hearts of stone some people have.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 08, 2010 Oh NO!
by: Dorothy

I love this, just love it. But I can’t, and WON’t read #2, as I know what is coming and I already want to cry, again………..

I do love how creative you are Ruth.


Jul 08, 2010 I have to now what happened next!!!
by: pammy

ruthy, tht is a beautiful story..i was there with him and feeling what he felt…I do hope this story has a happy ending, as he deserves to be loved and respected as a cat, and part of the family, not something that is disaposable…
good luck Sebastian!

Jul 08, 2010 Sebastian’s Diary
by: Maggie Sharp

This is great, Ruth! You’ve really done a wonderful job!! The bit where he described his previous home had tears in my eyes!!!

I’m eager to hear what happens next!!!

Also, thank you for the credit. =)

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