by Ruth

Please see part 1 and part 2 first.

The following Sunday

We had chicken for supper again tonight and I was given my bowl full but I haven’t eaten much. I’ve felt so poorly all the week since I came home, my appetite has gone and my paws still hurt a lot. My legs ache too because I haven’t been able to do my exercises.

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By Ruth

I tried to do them on the couch, I forgot mom would yell at me but she didn’t anyway she just laughed and said,

‘Go ahead Seb, you can’t hurt it any more, you can even sit on it now’

And Jake laughed and shouted in his loud voice,

‘Stupid cat, clawing with no claws’

Jake shouts a lot and that horrible Rusty barks at me too even if I only sit on the back of the couch.

I thought it might make me feel better doing my stretching de-stressing exercises but I feel worse now because I couldn’t do it right.

It hurts to go in my litter box, I try to wait as long as I can but it makes my tummy hurt too but today I’ve found a nice place behind the couch where I can go instead, the carpet is soft and it doesn’t hurt so much.


I’ve been in trouble again as mom pulled out the couch today and found I’d used behind it as a toilet. She yelled,


I tried to tell her that the pain in my paws is so bad I hate using my litter box but she wouldn’t listen, she dragged me round there and pushed my nose in the mess.

Rusty started barking as he always does. I hate mom, I hate that dog and I hate this house.

My old mom never shouted at me and my feet never hurt in her house. I don’t understand why I am always being yelled at in this house.

Julie is the only one who cares about me now, she keeps on crying and she shouted at mom,

’What have you done, you told me it was only Sebby’s claws would be removed and he wouldn’t know any different, but mom his toe ends have gone too’.

And they have, I’ve tried and tried to stick out my claws but nothing happens. I desperately need to stretch up and dig them in like I used to as it would made me feel so much better.

Mom said,

’Don’t be so silly Julie, he will get used to it, it had to be done, I’m not having my new furniture ruined by any cat and if he doesn’t use his litter box he will have his nose shoved in his mess every time until he does use it’.

Will my toes and claws ever grow back? If I had them I could dig in my litter and not always be in trouble.


Mom was busy in the kitchen this morning so I snook behind the couch again when she wouldn’t see me, but I had a terrible fright. I didn’t know Jake was watching and he shouted,

‘Rusty, go get that dirty cat’.

And the dog came behind too and growled at me and I hissed and lashed out and hit his nose, but it turned out as a soft pat and Rusty didn’t run away like he used to from my claws.

I had to run away from him, I jumped up on the windowsill where I often sit now out of his reach, it really hurts my feet to jump and I couldn’t help crying with the pain but Jake laughed and laughed and said,

‘You’d better not go behind there any more dirty cat’

Julie came to pick me up but in my panic because I feel so stressed and so defenceless now, I bit her hand. She screamed and mom came running and shouted at me,

‘What is going on with you cat, that Shelter woman told me you were very good natured, you’ll go back there if you keep up that behavior’.

I don’t know what I keep doing wrong, it was horrible living in a cage but I wish I was back there now as I think it was mom who told that man to take my toe ends away. I think she hates me.

A week later

My life is misery. I’m getting used to walking differently and being careful when jumping not to land on my front feet too heavily, but my body aches and I can’t do the things I used to do.

Julie forgave me for the bite, she held me and stroked me and said,

‘Sebby I’m so sorry, I’d have fought mom tooth and nail to stop her having you declawed if I’d known it would be so horrible’.

She gave me a catnip mouse and I tried to play with it but I couldn’t give it a good kick with my back feet that still have proper toes and claws as I couldn’t hook it and hold it with my front paws like I used to at my old moms. I rolled around on it to show Julie I liked it but she sat crying and saying how she hates mom now for what she did to me.

I wonder if my claws will come back, I hope so because I need them very much for everything I do and I want Julie to stop crying too.

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SEBASTIAN’S DIARY (PART 3) to Declawing Cats

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Jul 17, 2010 Sebastian’s Diary
by: Maggie Sharp

This is most definitely the saddest of the 3 parts. It had tears in my eyes!! Especially in the parts where basically his whole family are tormenting and teasing him.

People are so messed up, who would ever want to put their cat through such pain… It’s disgusting!

Jul 16, 2010 so sad
by: kathy

Ruth your story made me cry of course. All those poor cats with no claws. They have a commercial now that shows the horrors of animal cruelty. When it comes on I have to turn my head. Its a cruel world we live in. I recently had a fight with our neighbor, whom we’ve always gotten along with. It seems he’s developed a hatred for racoons. I of course love those little black masked rascals no matter how many times they get into my shed and tear it all to hell. He was going to shoot at them with a bb gun with some neighbor hood kids. Well when I heard of this I told him I would very politely call the police on him, since its illegal to shoot at them. Well we exchanged some words and I had to call our landlord on him. He was even giving me a hard time about feeding my little Mr. Grey, the local feral cat. It took me a year to get him to trust me to come and eat out of a bowl. Well he finally apologized to me and I told him he was entitled to his opionion. Well we had three baby coonies but now we only have 2. What happened to him I dont know. But I will continue to be the animal lover that I am and no bitter old man will stop me, or change my mind.

Jul 16, 2010 The truth
by: Sue

Thank you Ruth for writing from the cats point of view.
It’s terrible to think this is happening in real life,day after day to real cats.
When will part 4 be on?
I too want but dread to read it.

Jul 16, 2010 Poor Sebastian
by: Barbara

This is so sad, each diary entry is more and more heartbreaking. And this is really happening to cats in North America and Canada every day!!!Thank you Ruth.

Barbara avatar

Jul 15, 2010 Please send Sebby to a new loving keeper
by: Tracey (England)

Ruth I know that Sebastians fate is in your hands and you have to expose the truth (and this is reality for so many cats every day) but I also want poor Sebastian to have a happy ending.

Well we can only wait and see.

Isabelle are you new to pOc? if you are please, please pass the petition onto as many as you can.

This really happens to cats all the time. The only difference is that the real cats suffer in agony and silence as they can tell no one.

Jul 15, 2010 All true
by: Fran

This story is unfolding as in real life.
People intolerant of claws are not going to be tolerant of the cat soiling the soft furnishings or biting in their fear and pain.
I’d really like to know just how many cats suffer like this.
Why are there no statistics?
I’m very much afraid Sebastian is going to be thrown out or badly hurt by that kid or his dog and I can’t bear it!
How many parts to come yet?
Please please please Ruth make a happy ending for Sebastian.

Jul 15, 2010 Isabelle B
by: Michael

I am with Isabelle B – what are these people thinking? Are the vets blind or are they plain nasty, knowing what they are doing but still doing it for the almighty dollar?

I am not sure. What I am sure about is that both the cat owner and vet are wrong, morally, ethically and legally but no one gets criminalized for it despite the fact that it is cat abuse and mutilation.

It is madness.

Michael Avatar

Jul 15, 2010 Horror!
by: Pammy

I had no idea that Sebastian couldn’t even use his litter tray!!! Now I have been made to think about it more and more…Can’t use the litter tray, can’t jump and leap, can’t exercise his toes, terrible deformity….So many more things too, not forgetting the agony! What does that ignorant woman expect of him now? Would she dream of doing that to her own children? no, of course not. I want to take Sebastian home with me and look after him and love him.
I am a human being who has had her toes ‘de-clawed.’ The treatment i received was wonderful, including signing for permission to carry out the “de-clawing.” I was given pain killers to take home with me too, and follow up appointments for sterile re-dressing. I didn’t have to worry about using the loo,not being able to walk properly, pain…etc…My toes were declawed very gradually over a period of 18 months altogether, and all my toes are intact and fine. I did not need my toe nails, but cats need their claws for so many reasons. There is no comparison to what Sebastian has suffered. Human beings do not walk on all fours for a start! I can’t even contemplate the agony of this, plus the fact that life then for a cat is ruined permanently! How can this be allowed to happen in the 21st century? How can these cat owners profess to love their cats,and treat them like this?
It is in their KARMA….

Jul 15, 2010 O M G
by: Rose

What the worst thing about Sebastian’s story is,is that this is the TRUE story for millions of cats in the USA and Canada.
In pain,pestered by kids and dogs and still expected to use their litter tray with agonising pain in their stumps.
No wonder they soil the house and no wonder they bite.
And some people have it done for the sake of their precious furniture,can you believe?
I dread part 4 but I have to keep reading.
I have to know it all so I can spread the truth.
I can’t bury my head and pretend it doesn’t happen.
NO ONE should do that.
Come on Americans and Canadians,speak out,boycott declaw vets,let’s get it stopped.

Jul 15, 2010 How horrible!!!
by: Isabelle B (South Africa)

I am absolutely besides myself and in tears, just to read Sebastian’s story. How can people be so so horrible to do that to a poor defenceless little one and to think that so many people do it, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!

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