by Ruth

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4 months later

I don’t write much in my diary these days as most days are the same.

Although the lady who looks after me here is very kind and gives me a lot of love and attention, I really don’t like living in a cage. I have nice meals and soft litter in my litter box which I use and now I don’t get to walk about very much my paws don’t hurt all the time although my legs do ache and I long to be free.

My old mom who was kind is just a distant memory now but I can still clearly remember Julie who was so nice and her mom who wasn’t very nice and the horrible Jake and Rusty.

People often come here and look at us in our cages and say we are all beautiful and the nice lady always says what a good boy I am and although I have problems caused by being declawed she thinks in a kind home I would keep on being a good boy.

But all those people choose other cats instead of me.

More cats come in their place and then go to new homes but still no one chooses me. I think it’s because I have no toe ends.

One day I heard the nice lady talking to another lady and she said,

‘I’m glad this is only a small Shelter and we can’t take in many cats. I hear the larger ones have lots of cats relinquished to them, like poor Sebastian, unwanted by the very people who had them declawed and caused their problems. I honestly sometimes think I can’t go on doing this work for much longer, it breaks my heart seeing him caged here for so long’

I wish I knew what people were saying about me when I hear my name.

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

By Ruth

2 months later

I am still here in my cage and lately have had a bit of trouble with my front legs. The man who comes to examine us cats and make sure we are well said to the lady,

‘Sebastian’s leg joints are stiffening with not being able to exercise as cats need to, he really should be on medication’

The lady said,

‘I do take him out of his cage as often as I can so he can walk around a bit, you can see the other cats have scratching posts to exercise on but he doesn’t have one of course. I’ve read up a lot on declawing since Sebastian came back here and how clawless cats desperately try to exercise and how some people laugh at them trying. I read of one cat with calluses on her stumps because her ignorant owner encouraged her to keep on trying to use her post. What a pity that stupid person didn’t provide the poor cat with a scratching post before, instead of having her toe ends amputated’

The man sighed and said,

‘That’s life, people can do as they please and there’s not a lot we can do to stop them. Declawing is legal in our country after all. Anyway back to this cat, I honestly don’t think anyone will want to take him on with his problems and the expense of the medication which could help him is really too much for this Shelter’s funds, so maybe it would be better to euthanize him’

The lady shouted angrily,

‘No, Sebastian is a beautiful boy, I’ll pay for his medication myself and I’ll find him a forever home if it’s the last thing I do!’

The man shook his head and said,

‘I wish you luck, I know how fond you are of him, but you need to be sensible about this. However, I’ll try him on an injectable medication today’

The serious tone of their conversation scared me a lot and I was glad that after the man stuck a needle in me they put me back in my cage and he left.

I don’t understand what they were saying but I’m glad that man has gone because he frightens me a lot when he comes.

But the needle has made my legs hurt a lot less so maybe he is kind to cats even though he is rough.

A month later

My carrier has come out again.

I wonder what is happening now? The things that happened to me before have got very blurred but I know that the carrier means I am going somewhere…

Yet no one has been today and chosen me.

I am feeling very frightened again …

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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SEBASTIAN’S DIARY (Part 6) to Declawing cats

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Jul 25, 2010 BOYCOTT THEM
by: Anonymous

BOYCOTT vets who declaw.

BOYCOTT clinics where declawing is carried out.

COLD SHOULDER anyone you know who has their cats declawed.


Jul 25, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thanks for all your comments.
I agree some vets treat cats as inferior,if they stuck to their oath to harm no animal declawing would stop totally.
Surely they could all agree on that and then they wouldn’t be thinking other vets were making more money than they were.
It is so simple,they could all just agree to STOP abusing cats !

Jul 25, 2010 excuses
by: Fran

Sebastians story is about being crippled for furniture I know and probably for that pest of a dog’s sake as well if the truth was known.
But people use other excuses as well like babies,kids,frail relatives and all.
I wonder why are cats always treated as inferior to all of those and we’ve said before if cats are declawed why aren’t dogs.
It appears to me it’s the vets a lot to blame because they treat cats as inferior.They wouldn’t cripple them for life otherwise and they do know they are doing just that.
So it seems to me they don’t care.
This diary is extremely upsetting as Sebastian seems so real.I keep teling myself he isn’t but then I think…hold on….how many real cats ARE in the same boat…..but those money mad vets don’t want us to know.
No one knows and not many care.

Jul 25, 2010 To Petra and Kathryn
by: Maggie Sharp

I also agree with what both Petra and Kathryn are saying. Having a cat as a part of your family is a privilage, a privilage that far too many people are blind of and/or take advantage of.

The declawing of cats is a cruel abuse of this privilage, and those who take part in this premeditated abuse are, heartless, cruel, ignorant and selfish. They see cats as their property, they see cats as their inferiors. And as far as I am concerned, they are most certianly not worthy enough to even look at a cat.

I’m proud to say that my cat has 18 beautiful long razor sharp claws, and seeing him use them everyday always puts a smile on my face!

Jul 25, 2010 I agree
by: Kathryn

I agree with Petra.Animals are NOT ours to OWN.
We owe them the right to be cared for as they were meant to be.
Sebastian’s life in the hands of any person whether good or bad is typical of many cats lives.
It’s the luck of the draw in other words.
But ALL cats deserve to be loved and happy and WHOLE.

Jul 25, 2010 I’m spellbound
by: Rose

This diary has me spellbound,it’s fascinating in a horrible way and it makes me want to read more.
I must admit I’ve learned a thing or two more than I knew about what happens and I only hope those pro declawing furniture worshippers have too.

Jul 25, 2010 Ignorance of humans
by: Petra

This story so far has been heartbreaking, the ups and downs of Seb’s life have fascinated me, upset me and made me smile, it’s not every day you get the chance to read a cat’s diary! But I was thinking, Seb has been in care for several months now and I’m wondering if his former family, the horrible cruel mom in particular, have forgotten him or if they are in cloud cuckoo-land thinking he has a new home and is living happy ever after, or do they just not care?
The problems of a declawed cat might disappear once the humans responsible for the disablement dump a cat at a shelter, but the cat goes on living with it 24/7 for the rest of his short/long life! Cats(all animals) lives are so fleeting and, like us, they only have one. How wicked then is it for anyone to decide to surgically maim that cat for human convenience!!!!!!!!!
I once read a quote, I can’t remember who by but it went like this, “They are not ours to own” we should all think on this and remember, after all but for ther grace of God we could have been born animals instead of humans.

Jul 25, 2010 I can’t bear it
by: Edward

Man I can’t bear it if Sebastian is going to be killed.
Please Ruth,part 7 very soon,today if you can as Im back on the road tomorrow you know.

Jul 24, 2010 Sebastian’s Diary
by: Maggie Sharp

Poor Sebastian, his life is just wasting away inside that cage… He’s so sad and lonely, all because some ignorant woman cared more about the welfare of her furniture than that of her cat.

Too many times I hear “declawing is good because a declawed cat has more chances of finding a home” doesn’t this just prove how wrong that is… This story is fiction based upon fact, this happens to cats everyday. Surely if Seb had more chances of finding a home, due to his disability, the vet wouldn’t begin even consider euthanasia!!

The lies of the vets who promote and practise declawing are in their dying days This article, and all others like that, are a huge part of that. Keep up the good work Ruth, and everyone!

Jul 24, 2010 Poor Sebastian
by: Barbara

I thought he was a gonner there I must admit when the vet was examining him, if he’s in a kill shelter he’s lucky to have lasted as long as this…………………. And now his carrier is out again WHAT is going to happen next?
I hope so desperately that he gets a kind loving home, and I hope the pain in his little feet doesn’t stay with him for the rest of his life, I hope he gets exercise and pain relief and somehow manages a long and happy life….come on Ruth……

Barbara avatar

Jul 24, 2010 Sorry
by: Ruth

I hope it scares people into not having their cats declawed.

I’m only sorry I have to scare you too my friends as you all already know how cruel declawing is.
I promise not to keep you in suspense too long for the last part ……..

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 24, 2010 I thought
by: Michael

I thought the worst for a minute. You shouldn’t scare me.

Jul 24, 2010 dont scare me
by: kathy

Please let his story have a happy ending. I dont want anything bsad to happen to him. If I could I would take him into my home. I love this cat.

Jul 24, 2010 Pammy has echoed my sentiments
by: Tracey (England)

I totally agree with Pammy I cant wait for part 7 as I so want Sebby to be settled and happy. I know nothing can replace his poor little toes but a loving family who understands his loss and will pay for pain medication would be what we all pray for.

I so want to read of a happy ending for Sebby but this is the de-clawing world which as we all know has no place or compassion for little cats like Sebby. Even so I can still hope………….

Jul 24, 2010 Lonliness, pain and fear…
by: Pammy

Poor Sebastian! What sort of world do we live in, when what is happening to Sebastian is happening to thousands of other cats too!
He is so lonely, in pain, cramped up and feels so unwanted and unloved. His story may be fiction, but seems very real to me. His story is based on fact,and i would love Sebastian to be THE hero who puts an end to de-clawing globally and for good! This is the 21st century for goodness sake!
Human beings should not have the right to decide that any animal should be de-clawed.
I love Sebastian. He is MY hero! I really hope he lives happily with a loving family soon…..

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