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SEBASTIAN’S DIARY (Part 7 the last part) — 12 Comments

  1. Poor Sebby!! I just read the entire diary, and felt so bad for him. I know he’s not real, but this happens to a lot of mutilated cats in my country (USA) where unfortunately this abomination is legal. I’m glad the nice lady adopted him, and he will be loved as he should be. I used to breed Sphynx cats, and always handed out a sheet to prospective buyers about the damage declawing does, and did have a no declawing clause in my purchase contract. Happy to say that no cat purchased from me was ever declawed, as most were show cats, and declawed cats are not allowed to be shown. I cried buckets too. God gave cats claws for a reason, and humans have no business taking them away.

  2. wow, i just read the whole series and are in tears that poor sebastion thats just so horrible, Greatful that someone saved that animal from anymore pain. I would never do this. I once thought about it, but once the vet explained it i knew i couldnt do it. im so pleased i chose not to do it, as was having probs with the cats scratching on wallpaper and was trying to find a solution. Also the vet said they would only do it in extreme cases. will definitly never do this. how heartbreaking.

    • Thanks Kylee, Sebastian isn’t a real cat thank goodness but his story is typical of thousands of declawed cats stories and I conjured him up on behalf of them all.

        • Awww thanks Kylee what a lovely thing to say 🙂
          I’m sure you can write too, just do it from your heart and it will flow x

          • Yea i can, just dont have an imaginative mind but yea i can write from my heart. Im at this process doing a course at adult litercy to improve english writing and numercy which is given me much confidence and making me stronger.

            • Good for you Kylee, yes education makes us stronger and more confident.
              Babz and I were lucky in that our late mother taught us to read and write before we started school so we were way ahead of most other kids.
              She also had a wonderful imagination and told us lots of stories, so we inherited that from her as well as our love of cats.
              I was OK with pure mathematics but when it came to geometry and algebra I was hopeless lol and was famous for being the only girl in the school to get 0/100 in an exam lol

  3. I just today found this. Tears are streaming down my face as I read it. Thank you, Ruth for raising awareness. I have never, nor will I ever declaw a cat. (Though I have had cats that have been declawed by their former owners and my husband and I take them in after they have been dumped for “behavior problems”) I feel so sorry for any cat that has been declawed. Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening piece. I know it was difficult to write, but if it prevents cats from being declawed, then it was worth it.

    • Sebastian’s Diary was a big success. It was written some time ago. Apparently someone remarked that it was too English. I disagree. It is just very pure of spirit.

    • Just seen this as Kylee has commented, sorry I didn’t reply before Reno, thank you for your comment, it’s wonderful to hear from someone who rescues declawed cats and yes it was worth writing this because it did save some cats claws.

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