Second ‘Asian restaurant and cat’ offensive comedy in past few days

Marvin Barry of Marvin Barry Comedy has sparked outrage in following another black comedian’s footsteps by entering an Asian take away restaurant by claiming, through their actions, that they sell cat meat. This is the USA, where, incidentally, cat meat has recently been banned federally as I understand it. The Bill was successfully progressing through the legislative process in Sept. 2018.

In the first incident the guy asked for fried cat and in this incident things became decidedly more outrageous. Barry walked in with what appeared to be the skinned, headless carcass of a domestic or stray cat in his right and then left hand with arm outstretched. It is a shocking image. He claims he found it at the rear of the take away.

Marvin Barry walks into an Asian restaurant take away with carcass of skinned cat
Marvin Barry walks into an Asian restaurant take away with carcass of skinned cat
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Note: it looks like a genuine skinned, disembowelled carcass of a cat. Sorry for that description. But remember this sort of sight is commonplace in parts of Vietnam and Southern China.

Barry goes up to the counter to complain about what he found at the back of the take away.

There are customers in the lobby area. A woman in the video, that someone makes, cries out, “Oh my f**king God”.

The staff behind the counter look dumbfounded. Barry leaves the store with his alleged accomplices. We have no idea if the cat was genuinely found at the rear of the take away.

The video of whole event was uploaded to Instagram and then deleted. It was flagged as sensitive.

The general response is as indicated in the post below:

Screenshots are on the internet. I have taken one and pixelated out the offending section because it will definitely upset Google Adsense. I am trying to get them back because they have stopped serving ads on PoC.

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