Secondary school is now home to a stray cat adopted by the 623 students who attend

Namik Kemal Secondary School, located in Eskisehir, Northern Cyprus, is now home to a stray cat, who has been adopted by the 623 students who attend.

cat at school
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The one-year-old cat was named after the school and even has a student ID card listing the school as the owner of ‘Namik.’ In an interview with Turkish media Anadolu Agency, school principal Enes Gunay said Namik was only going to stay at the school until the harsh winter in Eskisehir had passed.

Not only has Namik refused to leave a warm, safe new home, but the students and school administration also raised the money to have Namik ‘vetted.’ Veterinarian Adem Musluk said he’s happy the students love Namik and that the cat isn’t a threat to human health.

school cat
Namik in class (Getty screenshot)

It’s not uncommon to find Namik lounging around on desks and students say they don’t have an issue with the cat. If anything, caring for Namik will enhance their learning while teaching the students the basics in animal care and in being compassionate toward cats.

A sweet video of Namik wandering the classroom can be found here.

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1 thought on “Secondary school is now home to a stray cat adopted by the 623 students who attend”

  1. I love stories like these. Hopefully someone will be there to take care of Namik during the summer holidays. Maybe someone will take him home. ???

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