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Secret Life of Loved and Now Deceased Cat Revealed in Note from Neighbor — 6 Comments

  1. I also know of one cat that decamps to a family on the other side of a village when his owners go on holiday. At first his neighbours thought he had gone missing, but as soon as the owners returned so did the cat. Eventually his secret life came to light when his “holiday home” made enquiries.

  2. Kitty I had a timetable of who she visited at what time each weekday. When she died I found out about a few more of her human friends. We called her the “feline social worker.” Local kids used to wheel her around in a doll’s pushchair and she loved the attention. She was invited (by a card through my letterbox) to barbecues. She kept my former next door neighbour company when he was confined to bed with a back injury. When she died, some of those neighbours even sent flowers for her grave.

  3. This reminds me of Fang, a wonderful grey longhair I brought with me long ago from Annapolis, MD when I married & moved to Tallahassee, FL. Ashamed to say he roamed freely (& wasn’t even neutered — I wasn’t enlightened then!) Several years later I got him a collar & ID tag & was greatly surprised when a lady several blocks away called & said “My cat has just shown up with your ID!” I visited her & we became great friends. When I first went to her house
    Fang was there & seemed very surprised(his facial expression did register surprise). I guess he knew his double life was exposed.

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