Secret Life of Loved and Now Deceased Cat Revealed in Note from Neighbor

Bear was a handsome classic tabby cat. His brother was Teddy. They look very alike and were inseparable. They liked to explore the neighbourhood together. Bear died last month and his owners were heartbroken.

Teddy carried on exploring. One day he came back with a note attached to his collar and one of his owners, Scott Ewels, realised that Bear had brightened up the life of a complete stranger who missed him as much as his owner.

not from cat lover on collar of cat

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“Dear Owner; I’m your neighbour, living in 4. I’m also your cats’ close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room everyday. But one of them, a bigger one has disappeared for two weeks.

“Is he ok? I’m so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine. – Y.T. 2/March/2017.”

The person who wrote this charming note is a female, Taiwanese exchange student who is studying at a local university.

She was homesick and Bear lifted her mood. The student and owner met up and she visited Bear’s grave in the garden of the owner’s home. She laid flowers at his grave.

Bear’s owners found out that he’d sit on the student’s bed and listen to her (I presume she is a music student). She took a photo of Bear and Teddy in her home:

Teddy and Bear
Teddy and Bear in student neighbor’s home.

It is a charming story and one which reminds us that outside cats often visit the homes of neighbours and become acquainted and sometimes close friends even to the point where the cats decides on changing their human caretaker/guardian.

Source: Mirror online.

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6 thoughts on “Secret Life of Loved and Now Deceased Cat Revealed in Note from Neighbor”

  1. I also know of one cat that decamps to a family on the other side of a village when his owners go on holiday. At first his neighbours thought he had gone missing, but as soon as the owners returned so did the cat. Eventually his secret life came to light when his “holiday home” made enquiries.

  2. Kitty I had a timetable of who she visited at what time each weekday. When she died I found out about a few more of her human friends. We called her the “feline social worker.” Local kids used to wheel her around in a doll’s pushchair and she loved the attention. She was invited (by a card through my letterbox) to barbecues. She kept my former next door neighbour company when he was confined to bed with a back injury. When she died, some of those neighbours even sent flowers for her grave.

  3. This reminds me of Fang, a wonderful grey longhair I brought with me long ago from Annapolis, MD when I married & moved to Tallahassee, FL. Ashamed to say he roamed freely (& wasn’t even neutered — I wasn’t enlightened then!) Several years later I got him a collar & ID tag & was greatly surprised when a lady several blocks away called & said “My cat has just shown up with your ID!” I visited her & we became great friends. When I first went to her house
    Fang was there & seemed very surprised(his facial expression did register surprise). I guess he knew his double life was exposed.

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