Security camera picture of a woman who is allegedly stealing a cat from Nebraska Humane Society

The Nebraska Humane Society has provided news media with a photograph from a security camera at their shelter which shows a middle-aged woman walking with a tabby cat in her arms allegedly from the shelter with the intention of removing the cat from the shelter permanently and taking him or her home. This is an allegation of cat theft at the present and the headline is that Nebraska Humane Society is ‘looking for a cat thief’.

Woman steals a cat from a Humane Society rescue centre
Woman allegedly steals a cat from a Humane Society rescue centre. Photo: Nebraska Humane Society.
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The Humane Society says that an unknown woman took a brown tabby domestic cat from the shelter at around 1:30 PM Saturday, May 14, 2022. She allegedly left the facility with the cat in a dark-coloured SUV. That is all we have.

The picture of the woman is pretty clear. The woman can be identified. I would have thought that it wouldn’t take an awful lot of effort to track down this woman but I might be mistaken. She might have come to the shelter from quite a distance away and therefore is a stranger to the shelter.

It is strange and anti-social that a person feels that they must steal a shelter cat. Adopting a shelter cat is not exorbitantly expensive and of course in doing so you help to fund the animal shelter for the benefit of the animals and people.

When a person steals from an animal shelter it is a little bit like stealing from a charity box on the counter of a shop. You are, in effect, as far as I am concerned, stealing from a charity.

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