See over 150 cats in carriers loaded onto aircraft to fly from Los Angeles to Seattle

This is about getting over 150 cats out of Los Angeles to fly them to shelters in Washington state where they are guaranteed adoption in the Seattle Metro area, according to Jackson Galaxy. They’d probably not make it out of LA shelters but for this mass transportation event at which Operation Homeward Bound was launched.

“This is the inaugural flight of Operation Homeward Bound.”

The following pictures are screenshots from the video at the base of the page. Jackson Galaxy provides a commentary in the video although it is hard to hear because of background noise.

Note: please make sure you click the sound icon at bottom right of the video to hear Jackson’s commentary.

Jackson says it is an ‘art form’ to get the cats onto the aircraft. I can see that. It takes some expertise and experience.

You can see a large fan or cooler inside the plane to stop the cats overheating.

More of these events are to follow.

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3 thoughts on “See over 150 cats in carriers loaded onto aircraft to fly from Los Angeles to Seattle”

  1. Frances A Danna

    Operation Homeward Bound is truly a heartwarming endeavor. Many thanks to Jackson Galaxy and all those involved in this ongoing project. ?

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