Seeing cats differently; from being literally thrown away to Instagram fame

People see cats differently. It is amazing how differently. For one unknown person this tiny, cute, three-legged, probably non-purebred, flame pointed Siamese-type cat was no more than rubbish as he was found alone in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada1. Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area. It is rocky, beautiful and desert-like. I wonder if the owner drove into the area and threw the cat out. Perhaps the person wanted a cat who looked more physically perfect. His age has been put at 6 months to 4 years. I’d guess it is nearer the former.

Trident, a three-legged flame pointed  Siamese type cat

This cute cat was found in very weak condition; too weak to even crawl on his three legs. But you know how it is in the cat world. There are a lot of people, and thank God for that, who see cats differently. They saw a sweet, cute cat in need of urgent help and a new home. And they gave her exactly that.

He is called Trident (after his three legs). He has 48,000 Instagram followers. Stardom on the internet.

I think he is incredibly cute. He is gorgeous. He has flame (red) pointing so has some Siamese genes inside him. He could even be purebred for all I know; an Applehead Siamese but he looks very small and if he was bred it went wrong. He was born with three legs. It doesn’t matter, he has been saved and is loved. That’s what matters.

The story was picked up by The Dodo and The Animal Rescue Site. Here’s the video.

Note: 1 He was found on the trailhead entrance for the Calico Tanks Trail Head.

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Seeing cats differently; from being literally thrown away to Instagram fame — 3 Comments

    • Great. I love this cat. I can see why he is popular. I am surprised the owner see’s him differently. That’s why the person may be a breeder.

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