Seeing Without Sight

Seeing Without Sight

by Michael

How does he do it? So effective. So confidently. This charming video that some visitors may have seen shows us how positively and effectively cats deal with the disability of blindness.

It is a combination of sound, smell and super sensitivity that allows Oskar to see without eyesight. And positivity, ignoring his disability.

Oskar sees in other ways.

I think we can learn a lesson from Oskar. I’ll let each individual decide on their own.

For me, it is to stay positive and make the most of what I have. Just like Oskar.

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Seeing Without Sight

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Apr 18, 2012
Cats able to see when blind ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for enlightening article, yes, cats are able to deal with blindness much better than humans.
March 1985 we adopted an orange female tabby 8 weeks old, she was quite a character.
When she was about 12 yrs old a visiting friend asked “Is something wrong with Snuggles’ eye?” I quickly phoned our vet for her to be seen ASAP, to our dismay/shock she was diagnosed with extreme glaucoma on both eyes.
We were advised NOT to move furniture & give her extra care because she was becoming totally blind. Few months later we took Panchita to vet & he inquired how Snuggles was doing, I told him “She’s back to her usual self, hunting & guarding our property”, she loves to climb on the steep roof.Dr Sugasky’s comment was “For a blind cat, she’s not doing too shabby”.
She knew where cat door was, always used litter box as well as highly protective of her humans & home. She died @ 20 yrs old in her sleep.
Few months later we were adopted by Scarlett O’Hair (Gone With The Wind)she’s now 8yrs old.
Cats are able to compensate with other senses.
Cat lover/rescuer/helper
Southeast Arizona

Apr 18, 2012
Clever NEW

Cats are clever aren’t they. Not sure we could do that. Bit sad but nice as well.

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