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Seeker Bears – New Erin Hunter Book — 7 Comments

  1. Hi I just started reading seekers last year. I dint Reilly think I would like it but at my school we have A.R. and we have to take test on books. I started reading seekers and I finished the book and was holding back tears. I went straight back to the library and got the next book and I read it in under a 12 hours. I went back and got the there’d book and that’s the last one are school has. I started reading and I wanted to make it last but I finished it in under a day. I was crying for about three days and I wanted the other books so bad that’s all I put on my wish list. But when I got the books it was just the three I’ve all ready read. These are my favorite books next to wolven by Di Toff. But anyway just the other day I decided to order the books. I hope they get here soon and then I will read them all and Ill probably cry but it will be worth it. I love these books and I’m going to read them again and again. Thanks for reading the books and all of the good comments are fantastic. P.S. If you have an xbox1 send me a friend request. MadeOfSteel103 thanks.

    • Great comment Canvas. I am very pleased that you like the books so much. And thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here.

  2. I am 100% in love with all of Erin Hunter`s books. I fell in love with the Seekers, Warriors, and Survivors at first sight.

    I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ SOME OF *Kathryn Lasky`s work (Guardians of Ga`hoole and Wolves of the Beyond)if you love Erin Hunters`s books.

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