Self-assured Felicia Wilson on TikTok owns a bobcat kitten and she is wrong

I don’t know who Felicia Wilson is. I think she is a social media celebrity rather than having a background skill such as singing or as an actress. That’s my impression but if I’m incorrect then please tell me. She has 1.9 million followers on TikTok. She appears to have a menagerie of animals. In the video on this page, she presents her bobcat kitten to the world. There are also videos of a fennec fox, a caracal and a serval (and others?). She clearly likes ‘exotic cats’ which is a euphemism for medium-sized wild cat species as pets.

Felicia Wilson and her bobcat kitten - a part of her menagerie of animals
Felicia Wilson and her bobcat kitten – a part of her menagerie of animals. Screenshot.
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Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

She is highly self-assured about what she is doing; convinced that what she is doing is correct and satisfactory. In the video on this page somebody has gently chided her about keeping a bobcat and she responds in the video to say that nobody will stop her. Like I said, she is self-assured and confident. But is she correct?

Is she correct in her thought that owning a bobcat kitten is a good idea? And the same goes for the caracal and serval. You see, I don’t think that it is a good idea. I tend to support the person who made the comment. I believe that humankind should live in harmony with all wild cats. To achieve this, we need to give them the space in the wild to behave normally. We do not achieve that by taking them from the wild and making them pets (of a sort).

And it is my honest opinion that when her bobcat grows up to be a full-grown adult, he or she will not make a good ‘pet’. You cannot turn a genuine wild cat into a domestic cat. They can be domesticated and tamed but they do not have 10,000 years of cat domestication behind them. They say that the domestic cat is very close to a wild cat in terms of character and barely domesticated. I agree but the bobcat is even nearer to the wild which means that they might spray urine if they are confined to the home due to stresses. Bobcats have large homes in the wild of around 10 square kilometers.

They might scratch or bite you badly when playing because they are strong. The same, of course, goes for a serval and a caracal. These are strong animals and relatively large. They can be aggressive and make aggressive sounds. They can be intimidating. They are certainly much larger than domestic cats. And I think that Felicia Wilson should remind herself that many people who adopt exotic wild cats such as the serval end up relinquishing them to animal sanctuaries. They discover, late in the day, that it just doesn’t work. They start with cute cubs. They are invariably sweet and they behave like domestic cats, more or less, but they grow up and change. When then are subadults and mentally independent they change. The want their own home range. They try and escape their confinement.

People like Felicia Wilson are drawn to the exotic nature of these animals. They want to possess them. I understand, but it is self-indulgent to possess them. It is far better to admire them in their own habitat. It is a very common human trait to want to possess something beautiful. People do this all the time when they buy fancy cars, fridges or toasters for the kitchen. It’s all the same thing. These people are treating wild animals as objects to be possessed because they decorate their lives.

But you have to care for these animals in the human home and it is just too artificial for a wild cat. Sometimes domestic cats struggle to adapt to the human home never mind wild cat species.

My conclusion is that Felicia Wilson’s assuredness in her thoughts and beliefs is misplaced. I think she is quite wrong in what she’s doing. What is worse, in my view, is that she is attracting a lot of social media attention because of her relationship with a menagerie of animals. Might this not be an exploitation of the animals with the intention of increasing her celebrity status? That’s the way I would see it. And it happens a lot on the Internet.

She knows that cute animals, such as this cute bobcat kitten, attract attention. She, herself, is an attractive woman. Add the two together and you get 1.9 million followers on TikTok. But I think she needs to question whether she is genuinely doing the right thing for the animals. Is she respecting this bobcat when she kisses him on the belly in her fancy car?


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9 thoughts on “Self-assured Felicia Wilson on TikTok owns a bobcat kitten and she is wrong”

  1. You’ve been informed that this girl is a licensed animal transporter, and she takes video for the people that own them so they know everything is ok, and she posts the videos to TikTok so we can see the animals. So why haven’t you updated your article to reflect that information? If you had bothered to actually research your subject you would know this. But you continue to allow this article of lies to remain for what reason? Perhaps more of your articles should be evaluated to see how many of them are simply your opinion formed by photos you found on an internet search rather than verified information. You don’t seem to take your job as a “journalist” very seriously. You are more of a story teller. This article written based on your assumption of what’s going on versus the truth of what’s going on is a fairy tale. Have the guts to admit it and correct the article!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I had not read the other comments so was not aware that she is an animal transporter as her TikTok page is not explicit on that topic. It just says “become an animal transporter”. She should say, “I am an animal transporter”.

      Are u saying that all the animals we see in the videos are being transported from one place to another? And are these wild animals ‘pets’? Please clarify. Are you being limited in what you are telling me?

      I’ll amend the article once I have some detail.

  2. You are now aware that this entire article is completely wrong, including the complete falsehood that is the headline. Why is it still up?

    1. The best thing to do is for you to tell me in detail what is wrong about it (polite please) and I’ll add what you say to the article as an update. I won’t remove the article as it gets hits and that is the objective of owning a website ?.

  3. She doesn’t own these animals. She’s a licensed animal transporter. She mostly shows the exotic ones because it’s what people wanna see, but the majority of the animals she transports are domestic dogs and cats. Her only exotic pets are two African Servals.

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