Self-professed cat lover battered kitten to paralysis with the corpse of another kitten he had strangled

Cat lover Jordan Hagen
Cat lover Jordan Hagen. Photo: his FB page.
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He calls himself a ‘Cat Daddy on Facebook’. I think that this is the worst act of cat cruelty I have read, certainly for many years. The story concerns a man, aged 27, Jordan Hagan, who has a Facebook page where he has published photographs of himself with cats that he appears to like but also on which is a photograph of two cats that he is shaking vigourously. The photograph is blurred (see below) but this is not the subject matter of this story.

That photograph perhaps gave a hint as to what was to come. There is nothing on his Facebook page which discloses his act of cruelty against two kittens.

He’s been arrested and interviewed by police officers. He told them that he had killed two kittens and that he had done the same thing before. He appears to be a serial cat killer but on Facebook the picture of him shaking cats is praised:

FB comment on above photo by Alex Peery: “This is the most adorable picture”

What kind of friends does he have?

I’m told that he admitted to losing his temper at one of two kittens and killed him or her by strangling him. He then used the corpse of that kitten to beat the other kitten into a state of paralysis. He then put the paralysed kitten in a box and left that box in a field to starve or die from his or her injuries.

That is the sum total of this most horrific act of animal cruelty. Jordan Hagan is a student at the University of Utah. More information will come out later about this no doubt at which point I will update the page.

On this page I have published the picture of him shaking two cats vigourously. These are not the cats, as I understand it, that he killed.

As he has admitted his crime I am not going to use the word “alleged”.

Sources: and Facebook. Expect his Facebook page to disappear fairly soon.

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4 thoughts on “Self-professed cat lover battered kitten to paralysis with the corpse of another kitten he had strangled”

  1. How’s this? would love to have the opportunity to vent my anger at its worst on this guy….a lot cheaper than psychotherapy and probably much faster in relieving deep seated stress. Wiping my shoes on his face seems appropriate. Social media provides the opportunity to shed light on the sickness of individuals that exists in society these days. Maybe things like this happened before but it was appropriately kept out of the eyes of others.

    • Yes, the man is sick. His FB page is a veneer of cat loving but in truth he is a nasty monster. We have to say that he is not convicted yet but he did admit it. The internet is full of fakery.

  2. i think i am distraught after seeing this usually am after i see humans do this type of stuff to animals i am just lost for words especially at people that said this was adorable makes me sick to my stomach why cant people not sure what to say just know this makes me mad and or angry.


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