Selkirk Rex cat camouflaged against matching rug

This is a nice photograph of a Selkirk Rex cat camouflaged against matching rug. It emphasises the wonderfully shaggy coat of this rather rare cat breed.

‘KC’ is a five-year-old, female, Selkirk Rex Longhaired cat. These are cats in sheep’s clothing. And when they happen to snooze on a matching rug you can hardly see him.

KC lives in Muncy, Pennsylvania with Luara Miller.

Laura clears up one issue: the rug came first and she didn’t realise that they looked the same until KC plonked down on it.

“I couldn’t believe how close a match it was. She does love to lie on this rug but she much prefers a lap, only on her terms un typical cat fashion of course.” – Laura

The pictures are thumbnails so if you click on them you are taken to slightly larger versions and a bit more about this unusual cat breed.

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