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Selling Ocelot Fur Coat — 7 Comments

  1. I inherited an ocelot coat from my politically incorrect German mother who somehow acquired it in the late fifties and I LOVE it! Would I go out of my way to buy one in this day and age NO! Do I want to wear it, because it is GORGEOUS and it reminds me of a time when things were simpler and of my mother, who was a very charitable person in deed and with her money, she could wear a coat like this just like she could eat steak, wear purses made of crocodile leather and shoes that were once on breathing things, – get a grip, people: there are infinitely more cruel things happening out there today than donning a 60 year old coat; not wearing it does not do anyone any good and wearing it does not make you a monster…

    • I agree with you Stephanie in many ways and I understand your sentiments. However, the one problem for me is that in wearing an ocelot coat you are inadvertently advertising the fact that the skin of an ocelot makes a nice, desirable coat. This undermines the conservation of the ocelot. It is illegal to kill ocelots for their coat nowadays but people still do it and this cat is still vulnerable to human exploitation. Its numbers are still declining in the US – down to 50 and it will be extinct in due course in the US. All wild cats are endangered by human population growth and activity and exploitation of the earth’s resources.

  2. I also get extremely sad and angry when I think about how people, in this day and age, still think it’s okay to kill animals to wear their skins… That’s stone-age behavior and it has to stop!

    • But it’s perfectly fine for you to pay others to kill animals for you to then cram their tortured and dead bodies into bags, boxes, and cans and slap a “CAT FOOD” label on it for you. LOL Self-loathing hypocrite, much? 🙂

      • A cat’s gotta eat, and I don’t see anything funny about that either.
        There’s also a difference between life or death, and fashion.
        I think I know who’s actually self-loathing.
        I also think I know who you are, we both had our say, now please stop.
        Thank you.

        • Oh, but it’s perfectly fine for your cats to roam free and skin-alive or gut-alive living things just for their play-toys. Not even eaten. Did you know that if human hunters are found guilty of “wanton waste” laws that their licenses are revoked and even their vehicles are confiscated? Just because this crime against all of nature is so heinous. But you? You applaud your vermin cats when they engage in torturing-to-death animals just for their play-toys, no other reason. They don’t even use their fur or feathers for a coat. It’s just a total waste of animal-life, and you applaud this. Go kill yourself and take your vermin cat with you. You and your kind are not wanted nor needed on this planet.

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