Sellotape on cat’s forepaws scrambles brain

Strange behaviour of cat with sellotape on paws
Strange behaviour of cat with sellotape on paws
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You’ll need to be more than a cat whisperer to figure out what is happening in the brain of this cat. The video comes from Malaysia as far as I can tell. TikTok, a video sharing platform a bit like YouTube but based in Asia, has been criticised for accepting the uploading of videos showing animal abuse to entertain. This video is along similar lines and not everyone will find it amusing. I am most definitely in that group. It is basically cruel. It is a silly attempt to make an interesting video using a cat at the cat’s expense in terms of mental wellbeing. I am more concerned about what’s happening to this cat to cause this extreme reaction.

Did you know that 34% of cats featuring in funny cat videos are upset and stressed? At this time I have no idea why sellotape stuck on the forepaws of this cat causes her to behave like this. I am going to think about it for a week and then add to the page.

In the meantime please tell me what you think about the video in terms of what is happening and whether it is amusing or abusive. The people who made it find it amusing as you can hear them giggling in the background.

This is an elderly cat. It is all very uncomfortable and exploitative to me. It is just another example of how being cruel to cats can make an interesting video in the eyes of many. Isn’t there a better way to make a funny video? Yes, there is but it is much harder. Just use the cat. It is so much easier.

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