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Senior Cat Alert! Female returned 3 times in 18 months. Needs adoption or rescue commitment — 11 Comments

  1. I wish I had the magic words to teach people how to help their cats live in harmony, or at least tolerance. I took in a cat who was so messed up that he fought with everyone, and they all avoided him like the plague. It just takes understanding, patience and encouragement. I agree that relinquishment is unacceptable. It’s so easy to look like a hero in contrast to people who do that. Be a hero; it feels so good.

  2. I can, happily, say that I have never found any cat behavior so disdaining that I would ever give them up. I’ve heard all of the B.S. excuses in the world as to why anyone would want to relinquish a cat. Not one excuse has ever meant anything to me.
    Telling me that she doesn’t get along with the other cats is laughable. I have had cats my entire life. Believe me, cats will either get along or will call a truce at some point. No cat in my house has to love another. But, they must tolerate each other.

  3. You would think the previous guardian would have known not to adopt if she had other cats. This is a complete mind fuck for this soul! Plus those that have adopted her out should have if they did not mentioned that she needs to be the only kitty! What the hell people!!

    • I agree Mary

      I do wonder about how some rescues carry out assessments of cats and their sociability. Maybe they don’t have the time or expertise to do it. The pressure for rescue space is huge.

      I believe that rescues owe it to the cats they take in to do a proper job on this issue. It is crap to betray a cat in this way. Both the adopters and the rescue are culpable.

      A rescue lied to us about a cat we adopted, he was seriously traumatised, very fear aggressive & food obsessive. They only mentioned that he might be a “cupboard opener”.

      He was severely aggressive to other cats. Fear in action. We stuck by him and don’t regret one moment. We have learned a lot from him.
      The rescue, when questioned just wanted to swap him with another male FIV+ cat. That is cat flipping with no regard to the welfare of the cat.

      As I type he is sleeping on our bed with our other cat, paws touching, both 100% relaxed, happy and safe.

      He still has his moments, but we know how to manage him safely.

      I do hope poor, sweet Bombona can be found a great home with responsible people that can respect her individuality

      Poor little girl.

      • Yes Jane you are correct. I will say that thank you for giving your sweet love a chance to know what kindness, love, and family is all about. I can’t imagine the trauma he must have gone through. I think it is pathetic when a rescue does this and they should be held accountable for their employees and trained better. The kids are not pieces of furniture to trade and move around with no regard to their feelings or mind set. I hope this sweet love finds a home and fast. I also with you and your son a long and happy life with the rest of the kids.

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