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Senior cat rescue organisation accused of allowing cats to freeze to death in move — 34 Comments

  1. And Melissa continues to ask for more and more money. She is LIVING on donations people send her for the cats. She won’t get a job and recently made 10k.. where did that go? It sure went fast. Every single post she makes is asking for money.

  2. Facts are facts and the spurious lies on here are damaging. I’m sure if the lady was wealthy she would be able to sue. No evidence from FB, or elsewhere. Accusations from hundreds of miles away. After all this was investigated thoroughly, she was completely exonerated from your claims, but remains deeply distressed on losing cats. An apology is due

  3. Fucking hell, all that is wrong with social interaction on the internet is here, in this article and in the comments.

    It has about as much integrity as fighting over road kill.

    Over & out.

  4. The person reporting this article is totally irresponsible for printing lies and will cause many animals to be hurt. I just hope that people can see this for what it really is. There are a lot of hateful people in the rescue world and this writer has just validated that hate. This is a slap in the face for those that really care about saving animals. Obviously he could care less about the wellbeing of animals and much more about stirring up trouble. Very sad….

    • I reported the story and I am a very responsible person. Your comment is an insult. The story is reported accurately and fairly. Your aim is simply to defend the woman without asking more profound questions. The source of the story comes from Greene’s Facebook post and therefore it cannot be lies. I care a lot about cat welfare which is clear if you care to read the blog. You are lucky that I published your comment. I do so because I don’t like censorship.

      • Your patience in the face of Cheryl’s rabid verbal attack is admirable, Michael. All of us who know you honor your loyalty to the truth and freedom of expression, especially as you’ve applied it to the welfare of our feline friends. She might mean well but she’s the one stirring discord, by sowing doubt about you under the guise of animal welfare to support her conclusion. There’s a line between her delusion and your honest reflection, though they might look the same to some. Critical thinking is more than just being critical, right? I hope she learns that she has to be able to see where someone is coming from, be willing to doubt her own perceptions and admit when she’s wrong, which she is this time. You let readers see both sides and let them decide, which is brave, too. I note that every day. Sometimes it’s just noise we can do without, which is exhausting…

  5. Maybe arrangements should have been made to put the senior cats that were severely struggling somewhere else before the move, temporarily, just in case something like this happened. It is too late now, but hindsight is always necessary when dealing with feline issues like these. My heart aches for those poor cats. They did not deserve to die in that brutal way, when their constitution was already compromised due to the aging process and illness. I would be beyond tears if this situation happened to me. 😭😢😢

    • Yes, it went wrong but I can’t see a good excuse for the error because the deaths could have been averted. It may have been tricky and demanding but when lives are at stake there is an obligation to go the extra mile to keep the cats safe.

    • Yes, it’s toughest to predict what might happen and avoid the worst, but that’s the most important thing you’re supposed to do in the rescue business. That’s what sets you apart from being a rescuer and just someone with good intentions. Hindsight is 20/20 and very painful sometimes but necessary to experience and learn from. May we all learn from this.

  6. I am really shocked at POC writing a “story” based on FB gossip from someone on the other side of the country over 2500 miles away. Who has had FB altracations they started or been involved with in the past. Those who fallow SFS knows Mellisa takes great care of her seniors which may I add that a rescue taking Seniors which most will not be adiptable dye to medical issueso giving them a end of life secure home is rare these days. Everyone who gallows the cats at SFS knew of the home the had being sold by the owner and Mellisa Greens reach for a new place to lease to own to give the cats security. We saw the pictures if the outside of the house when Melissa found it. She only got to see outside as the current tenant (probable the same daughter who did not pay the past electric bill, then would not leave when Melissa and her friend got there to move in) to allow them to see the inside. The cats were not freezing they were enclosed in their crates with beds blankets litter boxes and food. They were not alone Melissa and her friend stayed WITH the cats in the Uhaul while they contacted authorities to get this woman out of the house. You need to think of cats who are forced to live outside by their owners, are barn cats or the details do they have a water proof enclosure with beds and blankets?? No they do not! The cats who passed did not freeze but we’re cats who had issues before the move like the cat with seizure disorder who passed, and the cat losing weight in the past weeks that most likely had malabsortion issues that many seniors cats and humans get at the end of life. Another untruth Melissa does not work, she has a job working in the travel industry this is their slow down time for everyone in the travel industry so many of them are off work. Melissa will go back to work in February which will give her time to get the cats settled and the house cleaned up from the previous tenant. I hope POC will reconsider writeing articles like this based on a FB Gossip post written by a person 2500 miles away again. This article only served to hurt the reputation of a much needed senior rescue!

  7. I know melissa and believe she tried her best in a crisis. Coulda –shoulda- woulda -won’t bring cat’s back. And a move canbe stressful on any animal let alone a senior animal . My one cat has bullied one of my other cats to the point vet said she has cancer….My input. Period. …

  8. I am not going to comment on the situation, just the tone of some of the comments here. It appears that people want to bully Michael into reporting only news they like. In the US that would be a violation of his constitutional rights. I believe he reported in a non sensationalist way stating in bold print it is an allegation and allowed comments so that more information could be provided. He is also not evil for trying to secure funds for his web business with clicks like everyone else who has a web business. I do not want reporters silenced as animal abusers (not Melissa) will only stop if we shine a light on them. As long as they can keep abusing and no one says anything because they are afraid they will be bullied into silence we will never stop them.

  9. I’ve now also been blocked by Jodi. I asked that Melissa be unblocked so she could answer her accusers, but it seems this is a personal vendetta against Melissa. Jodi never asked Melissa one question nor did she give her a chance to defend herself. How can anyone take Jodi and her hench mob seriously?

    • Well, Tressa I have been scrupulously fair and definitely not one sided. All the facts are on the page as supplied. If you can add to it factually please do so. Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. I have been behind the scenes regarding this situation and imo those cats deaths could have been prevented but thats me and wot really has me upset is the $ she is asking for and also she makes npo mention or shows remorse of the cats that died,that really bothers me alot and the remaining cats I feel should be surrendered to an actual senior cat rescue,tis all I will say on this.

    • I agree that she could have done better and that she does not really address the issue in her post. I thought hard about it before writing the article and felt it needed to be reported because it is a piece of news which no one else had picked up at the time. Greene did not have to tell the world on FB that she had lost cats in the move. It is a symptom on the modern age that people have to make private matters public on social media and there can be consequences. Back in the old days this would not have been publicised.

      • No one picked it up because it was GOSSIP written by a person 2500 miles away. Melissa kept us all up to date on planning the move and the move and she was worried about some of the cats with serious medical issues. We get PMs and updates from her along with pictures of the cats all the time.

    • I know that it might be upsetting but I am reporting what I see on FB. I have been meticulous in keeping the reporting balanced. Why was the truck not heated a little to help protect the elderly cats? Was that impossible?

      • Sharing facebook gossip isn’t reporting bro. she got flung into a total and absolute shit sandwich on this one and that’s all there is to it. I personally helped fund the transport of 3 of the cats there including one of the lost and they would have been dead in a shelter long ago if someone wasnt willing to take them.
        The bottom line is it was supposed to be a one day during the day move and there were squatters, if you are from the uk its about as bleak here in getting them out in a timely manner. Law enforcment and the courts would and could not take action and by some miracle she got them out on her own in only 3 days. Far from ideal but could have easily been stuck out of their home for months.
        Stress and shock from the ordeal on the older animals with health problems was a big factor here, anyone who has moved with a really skiddish cat can imagine. As somone familiar with these specific animals many already have other health issues that this probably wasn’t easy on. I am highly doubtful any of these animals literally froze to death and its bs clickbaity nonsense to imply it.
        They were back there keeping the animals as warm as they could, they had their carriers and beds and blankets they were insulated from the elements. Feral cats we help have had it way worse the last couple weeks. Did anyone here call some hotels and see what they might say if you asked to check in with like 10 cats? There are so many factors here including very unusually cold weather for that region, all sounds easy from a keyboard.

        • “Sharing facebook gossip isn’t reporting bro.” Well, I disagree. It is not gossip as the source material comes from the ‘horses mouth’. It is there in black and white. And a lot of original news stories these days originate within social media – a hell of a lot of stories. Just read the online news websites.

          And this story has value. It is interesting and I want to lead if I can (which is hard). I know there are mitigating circumstances (which I have mentioned) but at the end of the day Greene could have done better and protected the cats with more certainty. It’s an admitted failure and I felt it fair to report on it.

      • She tried to rent a heated cargo van. There were none available
        Anybody could Check with the uhaul place. She also spoke to her vet. This should have been a 15 minute move until the squatter would not leave. It turned into a three day fiasco. No hotels would help her. There is no intake shelter anymore so it was a huge risk that the cats could have been euthanized had she taken them. Melissa would be happy to answer all and any questions, but she has been blocked from the post. All of the personal insults and accusations look like a witch hunt. It just seems it is personal. Nobody is trying to hear her side or get the truth.

      • With all due respect, people that physically do animals rescue can be a little mellow dramatic when reaching out to others. Melissa has 3 animals in her care that I made aware to her. Two, I actually fostered until she had room. One had terrible allergies and the skin/fur was in terrible shape. She got him looking great and he has totally blossomed into a gorgeous kitty. She works with each kitty individually. The other kitty that I fostered always hid and would never come out. I had them for about two months. Melissa bought her a playpen for kitties and she actually loves being in it and is more social. You have to remember that these kitties are all senior. She did everything that she could to keep them warm and calm in a bad situation. She did not leave them. These kitties are her life and I have seen her put them first many times over. It is quite obvious, by all the comments here, that people who really rescue kitties are standing up for her because they know how she protects these babies. Have you actually seen the pictures of the kitties? Everything you have posted has been taken out of context. As I said before, this person who started this has a lot of hate in her. You can see it by all other comments she posts. She does not know Melissa. Melissa is pretty well known for being a blessing to the seniors. She takes them in when no one else will. She would NEVER harm a kitty and takes it VERY hard when she can not save one. She does not keep them in cages. They live right along with her. I, along with a lot of people that know the good that she does, are very disappointed that you have given credibility to a person that has no clue what she is doing and has no credibility. This type of reporting is very irresponsible. It will probably hurt Melissa’s ability to continue to do what she does best for the seniors. In a time when many are in need, you have tried to take down the one person that actually would give her life to save a senior. It truly is a sad situation. Have you reached out to her to see what the real story is? Have you seen how the animals are treated there? Did you know that she will not feed them just any kind of food? She makes sure that they have the best as that really matters when you are older. I do not understand why you are still are backing a person that is trying to destroy people who spend their lives giving to animals. Or is it that you are trying to save face from printing this article? Whichever one it is, I just hope that the truth shines through. You would be a much bigger and respected person if you just apologized for making a huge mistake…

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