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Senior Shelter Cat is Getting a New Life — 15 Comments

    • He has a mild URI he got at the shelter but should be fine. I have several more uplifting ones planned for the rest of the month. A burned cat will be going home to his family soon and another cat I covered here on PoC will be home by the first of the year. I’ll be covering them as they take place. I need a bigger notebook or a better memory to keep up with it all 🙂

      • Zeb is lovely, but my he looks ancient for a cat estimated to be around 12. I’m guessing that having FIV and living rough for a long time, led to him being in that state. Or perhaps he’s older than estimated?

        How heartwarming to hear that several people were desperate to foster him. This is hopefully a good omen for him finding a fantastic home in which he can spend the rest of his days being treasured and spoilt rotten.

        • I had the same observation about his appearance at 12. 12 is not that old in my book. However, vets in America will call it very geriatric and some purebreds routinely die at 12 or younger. Perhaps the estimated age is incorrect.

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