Senseless video of people provoking cats into aggression for the fun of it

Frightened cat on video. The cat was provoked and the person who did it should be ashamed
Frightened cat on video. The cat was provoked and the person who did it should be ashamed
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Except for the first segment in this video, all the other cats have been provoked into aggression by the situation in which they find themselves as created by the videomaker. In other words the intention is to provoke these cats into becoming aggressive and then filming them to make a compilation which I found quite horrible because it is all done at the expense of cats who are terrified.

The woman in the second segment laughs as she terrifies her cat because she is wearing a strange costume. This change in appearance will frighten a lot of cats. She’s ignorant and stupid.

At the beginning of this video it is interesting to note that the cat once again demonstrates that they are unable to be self-aware because this cat sees another cat in the mirror and a hostile one.

The normal reaction from my past experience is that cats do see a cat in a mirror but they do not recognise the reflection as that of themselves. In this instance the cat became aggressive to a cat considered a stranger and encroaching on his territory confirming a lack of self-awareness and/or a lack of unstanding of mirrors which is understandable.

On a personal level, I dislike intensely this self-indulgent video which has acquired over 7 million views. A lot of people just see domestic cats which have been provoked into aggression as amusing. It’s voyeurism basically. It is being interested in the freakish and the extreme. Even when that extreme behaviour has been created artificially by the videomaker.

In short, it is a form of cat cruelty or cat abuse and the YouTube administrators simply don’t get it.

I remember a page I wrote 12 years ago of a man yelling at his Maine Coons. It is a similar sort of video: cruel and senseless and created to get views and advertising revenue.

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