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Sentences for animal cruelty to increase tenfold to five years — 4 Comments

  1. This is about the most worthwhile change that Mr Gove has ever unveiled. I am really heartened that now magistrates and other County judges upwards will have more scope in sentencing appropriately.

    Now we need to see resources put into policing the lifetime bans on keeping animals and contact with animals. It cannot all fall to the RSPCA. They are, after all just a charity.

    I hope that with BREXIT looming that the UK does not fall out of the remit from the European Directive on Animal Welfare of 2007.

    • I agree that Gove has made a good decision here. It’s great to see animal welfare on the agenda. This should act as a deterrent to animal cruelty. I agree too that there must be a focus on enforcement. There is no point otherwise.

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