Serengeti Cats

by Jay and Donna
(Notts (UK))

Neverneverland Branson

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Neverneverland Branson

It took several months of research and looking at different breeds before myself and my friend decided we would like to breed the Serengeti cat.

Our first efforts were thwarted however, when our first foundation queen fell suddenly ill and passed away just two weeks after bringing her home. This was a very harrowing time especially for me as the cats reside here with me and it was several more months before I could face having another try.

After consultation with Lesley Dart,we approached Jessica of the Moonfruit cattery who informed us she had a female available and another litter due. After seeing her we knew we had to have Chan, she was elegant and beautifully put together, as the Moonfruit cats consistently are and while collecting her, reserved another female from the new litter. With our beautiful girls settled in, we entered into an arrangement with Neverneverland/Littlefancy cattery our sweet cheeky boy joined the family. Again this cattery has consistently produced quality kittens and was one of the first to breed the Serengeti in this country aswell as being the first to import a cat from the Kingsmark founder cattery in the US.

Starting at the beginning with a breed is an exciting prospect, working up to breeding kittens of consistent type and knowing all your hard work has been worth it. The three foundation Serengeti's we have here, all have their own wonderful merits and by working closely with the small group of dedicated breeders, we are looking forward to further improving on this stunning cat. We are now on the first step of achieving this having registered our cattery Azchandara with TICA.

Please feel free to visit us at Azchandara Serengetis

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