Serial Cat Hoarders, Constantly Arrested and Charged by the Police, Won’t Change Their Ways

They are becoming infamous. They are infamous. They are serial cat hoarders. Their Facebook followers defend their actions and say that they are true cat lovers. The probably believe that they are. The police see them as cat hoarders with mental health issues who neglect the welfare of their cats in the furtherance of their obsession.

What the public sees is a large number of cats living in appalling conditions which can’t be right. The police, despite their efforts, do not seem to be able to stop their actions. They are not being tough enough. That must be clear. Otherwise how would they be able to keep on hoarding cats.

On this occasion they have been found to be hoarding cats in a minivan in which there were 38 cats — yes 38 cats were housed in a minivan. The hoarders may have been living in the van with their cats. It’s crazy. And sad.

Cat hoarder mother and daughter
Cat hoarder mother and daughter
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The two Georgia women concerned are Alexandra Ann-Marie Wingate, 41, and her mother Sharyn Wingate, age 70. There is a page on this website which refers to their previous offences. Eliza writing on stated that they were arrested on 1 December 2011 for an October 24, 2011 offence as well as a subsequent arrest on October 3, 2014. They were then arrested and charged on March 22, 2016. It’s a catalogue of cat related crime and it is always the same crime: hoarding cats to the detriment of the health of the cats.

Both Alexandra and Sharyn appear to have convinced their Facebook followers that they are doing good. They have convinced them that they are cat lovers. They present to the world, through Facebook, a different picture to what is truly taking place on the ground. You can’t be a cat lover and neglect cat welfare.

As was explained by Eliza in an earlier article, they are engaged in self-deception as well as deceiving others. They probably believe that they’re doing good in the interests of domestic cat welfare but how can that be when we see photographs such as the one on this page of the minivan in which they had housed 38 cats.

The minivan
The minivan

“We went through trash for the cats, digging on our hands and knees..”

Fulton County Animal Control Officer Tim Poorman had to dig through the mess and encrusted rubbish within the minivan to find the cats and kittens. He found kittens who were days old inside a cup holder. Cats were found inside the dashboard. Four of the cats were too sick to be adopted. The other 34, surprisingly, are reasonably healthy despite the horror of their accommodation and they may be adopted through Fulton Animal Services. I’m told that the police have issued warrants for the arrest of Alexandra and Sharyn for these most recent alleged crimes.

Minivan containing 38 cats
Minivan containing 38 cats

Finally, as a result of their earlier misdemeanours the two cat hoarders were on probation with an agreement not to keep cats. They are in breach of this which adds to the charges against them.

What can we draw from this saga of cat hoarding? It has to be, as mentioned, that the two women have been allowed to carry on by the authorities. This is the big problem in this case. They needed treatment and they needed punishment together with a proper injunction which prevents them looking after any more cats. Any injunction against them should be enforced properly. Clearly resources are not available to ensure that court orders are followed through and enforced. Either that or the will to ensure that these two do not reoffend is not present. It was predicted by Eliza that they would reoffend. Her prediction was entirely correct.

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