Serial cat torturer and killer must be punished to the maximum the law allows

The time has come for the judge to punish Robert Farmer, a notorious cat torturer and killer who pleaded guilty to all 21 counts felony counts of animal cruelty which took place in a quiet San Jose neighbourhood last year.

Farmer - a serial cat killer and torturer
Farmer – a serial cat killer and torturer
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Good people are campaigning to put polite pressure on the judge, the Honorable Judge Sharon A. Chatman of the Superior court of CA, County of Santa Clara. The campaign asks supporters of justice for the cats to write to the judge (see below and go to the page by clicking this link).

They are doing this on the petition website. It is important that the court decides to send a clear signal to all the potential cat and animal abusers that if they manifest their deviant and perverted desires by injuring and killing cats, they will be punished severely.

I am told that the maximum sentence the judge can hand down is 16 years and 4 months in jail. Realistically he won’t get the maximum (even though he has earned it). However, his crimes are at the top end of the scale of animal cruelty. Therefore his sentence must reflect this. This is not a time for the judge to find a reason why the sentence should not be towards the maximum. And Farmer’s guilty plea should not, in this case, make a difference. An example needs to be made of this nasty piece of work. A precedent needs to be set.

The sort of ugly mentality that results in this kind of animal cruelty can often lead to serious crimes against people. We all know (as does the FBI) that animal crimes of this nature can be a precursor to crimes of violence against people.

Open letter to Judge S. Chatman.

    4848 San Felipe Road # 150-533
    San Jose CA 951 35
  • Email letters need to be sent to:

Some detail about Farmer

I wrote about serial cat killers in October 2015 because of the Farmer case. His crimes came to light in October 2015. Farmer was asleep in his car. Inside the car was a dead orange tabby cat and some cat collars.

CCTV videos showed Farmer luring a tabby cat from a park home and running off with him/her.

The police investigation opened a can or worms; the mass killing of neighbourhood cats. Farmer was stealing the cats from the streets. It has been suggested that on one occasion he sexually abuse a cat.

This article is about arguing that serial cat abusers must be severely punished. The public demands it. The nasty guys need to see it to deter them. Please get involved if you can.


6 thoughts on “Serial cat torturer and killer must be punished to the maximum the law allows”

  1. Awww… what’s the matter Michael? Are you jealous that someone was having sex with their cat besides you having sex with your cat? LOL!!!

    http : / / web . archive . org / web / 20150923012029 / http : / / pictures-of-cats . org / my-cat-likes-to-have-sex-with-my-left-arm-i-allow-it . html

    Have the editors of the UK Guardian contacted you yet? They’ve been notified of your bestial activities and self-admissions of same. Perhaps you can sit in a jail-cell along with the one you are petitioning against. 🙂

  2. FBI has made this type of thing a punishable offense with proof these monsters move on to abuse people and yet they are still allowed to get away with it! This is unacceptable and needs to stop!

    • Why do you always lie so much? The FBI has done no such thing. In fact the FBI can’t even do any such thing. They do not make laws nor can they change any existing laws. Please educate yourself instead of making all cat-advocates look just as stupid and foolish as you prove yourself to be.


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