Serial Conwoman Who Abandoned 15 Cats is Finally Convicted and Sent to Jail

Heartlessly dishonest Sylvia Marquiss, 58, is a serial rogue and a conwoman. She is a user and an abuser. She ran so many cons it was hard to keep up with them. Her whole life is one big lie. She often gained sympathy by pretending that she was seriously ill. This helped her to use people for her own financial ends. She left a trial of large debts and fraudulently conned many people out of tens of thousands of pounds in the process. On one occasion, around a year ago in the north of England when she lived next to Ruth and Babs, she left behind 15 cats.

Until then Ruth (aka Kattaddorra) and Babs had, on occasions, cared for the cats at a different address having been requested to do so by Marion at the local Cats Protection. They were asked to care for the cats because the conwoman had said she was ill and had to go to hospital. They got to know the cats and the conwoman. At the time they had no knowledge of her fraudulent and criminal behaviour and background. They discovered later.

Conwoman Sylvia Marquiss
Conwoman Sylvia Marquiss
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Sylvia Marquiss drove away from the rented house in which she lived and left behind a cat sitter in charge of her 15 cats but never returned. This left others including Ruth and Babs to pick up the pieces. Ruth and Babs organised the rescue of the abandoned cats. The majority were taken to a nearby animal rescue, Kays Hill, while some of them were taken by the RSPCA as they were ill.

Very recently she has been convicted, sentenced and jailed for 30 months at Truro Crown Court for her fraudulent activities. The conviction of Sylvia Marquiss has been a long time coming because she is a slippery person, nearly always finding ways to avoid the law. However, her fraudulent behaviour was so persistent and routine that eventually the law caught up with her.

Dishonesty and a heartless attitude towards animals, in this case domestic cats, seem to go together. The dishonesty is not only perpetrated on others. It is quite possible that she sees nothing wrong in abandoning 15 cats. This is being dishonest with oneself.

In the legal profession we call it “moral turpitude”. This is the mentality which leads to irresponsible cat caretaking and worse.

You can read about her abandonment of the fifteen cats on this page and her conviction and imprisonment on this page.

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My thanks to Ruth for pointing this story out to me.

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