Serious inquiries only: Forever home needed for 15-year-old ginger beauty dumped by his owners

This is the story of a senior cat who will have a happy ending because of cat advocates who joined together as they do each day to save unwanted cats.

photo courtesy Wake County Animal Services
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Peanut had the misfortune of being dumped by his owners because the owner is “moving.” At 15 years old, Peanut was getting depressed at Wake County Animal Care, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Those in cat rescue have seen it many times. Depression leads to illness and to loss of appetite and these unwanted cats with POS owners often end up being euthanized.

Thanks to Kellie of My Friendly Ferals (Kellie even traps feral cats and evaluates many who go to the SPCA on their way to being adopted into a forever home), Peanut got his ‘walking papers’ Friday and is resting comfortably at Kellie’s house. He has an upper respiratory infection (URI) and is on antibiotics.

Freedom ride (Kellie)

Peanut needs a forever home, preferably one close to the Raleigh area so he won’t be stressed out from the trip. Since he’s a senior it would be best for him if the home is quiet as stress from young children or other pets can be upsetting.

Peanut relaxing (photo by Kellie)

Kellie has been getting a lot of messages with people wanting to adopt. If you’d like to be considered to be Peanut’s new mommy or daddy, please PM (personal message) Kellie on the My Friendly Ferals page. Serious inquiries only and preferably in the Raleigh area. And as always, donations are always appreciated.

Please keep a check on the My Friendly Ferals community page for updates, videos, and photos.


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