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Serious neurological disorder caused by pet food in Australia — 15 Comments

  1. Cats are NOT natural fish eaters. A varied grain free diet of quality food . Encore and Applaws are good but I don’t know if you can get them in Australia.
    PS Its high time these pet food companies were sued.They make millions from the rubbish they put in cat food.

    • Thanks Joyce for your valued input. I think I was criticised by someone else who said that at present there is not certain link between this cat food and these sick cats but…all the news states there is a link.

  2. Hi Michael, quite the article. One pretty major thing missing is that no link has actually been confirmed to the food. I do believe they are working with the AVA to run tests but nothing has come back to link them yet. I think that they are still waiting for results so I would probably wait to condemn them until an actual link is confirmed. If this comes back to have nothing to do with the food you’re not going to look that great.

  3. Hi Michael, as one of the affected cat owners this is a much bigger picture than just thiamine deficiency. Symptoms are both neuro and gastro including high fever, inappetence, vomiting and diarrhea. Food is produced in Thailand from a factory that also produces human food. Note, Weruva’s Dad owns a company called Jana brands that also provide tuna to the U.S. market for the likes of Subway from a factory in Thailand – are they from the same factory, don’t know? At least 16 cats in Australia have died so far and 100s are ill including my fur baby. We still haven’t got an answer from Weruva so have no idea what we’re dealing with.

    • Many many thanks for your additional information which is most useful and appreciated. What I will do is add your comment to the article. I will embedded it into the middle of the article because it is too valuable to be left solely as a comment.

  4. Was this meant to be a complete or a complementary food? Cats should not be fed exclusively on a single food.

    Some of the irradiation methods used when animal products are imported into Aus are known to cause damage to the cats that subsequently eat the food. FSE in Aus was linked to irradiated imported dry food. If the raw materials for this canned food were similarly treated, their vitamin content could have been affected.

  5. Every time something like this happens it’s a reminder to feed a varied diet, just in case what’s in or not in one brand might not be the case in another, be it nutrients or poison. I research my cats foods (petsumer.com), and I also feed two different brands and two different kinds of protein per meal to each cat; can’t be too careful.
    It’s nice to hear that Australia cares about pets aside from their penchant for wiping out the latest invasion.

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