Serval and Domestic Cat Together

by Marc

Hey, hows it going? I own the Serval & Domestic cat you showed on this page “”. You should also show the video of them grooming each other, they are truly best friends, i will post more videos soon, of them socializing, and other cool stuff, i currently own a male and female serval, and plan to spend the rest of my life breeding them.

I don’t agree on pulling servals right out of the wild, just to make them pets, but for whatever reason people did it once upon a time, and now we have a number of them stuck in captivity, so i feel why not keep the captive population going, while making more cats, they choose to breed on there own, and seem very happy as pets, also like the African wild cat, domesticating a species, doesn’t have to effect the wild population, it only took a hand full of cats, to create the thousands of domestic cats we see today, so with the right work in the wild and captivity, both can thrive easy. in my opinion, a serval has a harder life in the wild, the life span is a few years due to hunters, other cats, finding food, and whatever else, the serval lives in almost 24/7 fear in the wild, which is why it evolved to hiding all the time, not saying this is a reason to pull it from the wild what so ever, but these captive ones live a great life, besides the few that may have bad owners, i think we need to concentrate on there natural habitat, and people that dont provide the right home for them. thanks for the interest.

This is the video he is referring to if you came straight here:

Sorry – this video no longer works (April 2013)

Hi…I have taken the liberty of making a page from your email as it makes sense and adds more useful information for which I thank you very much. Thanks for contacting me by the way. I hope you are OK with this. And thanks for a nice video too.

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